February 15, 2006


I am working hard today to get through my 120 emails. It's getting better! I'm trying to stay on top of it. I'm taking a lunch break right now, though, and figured I'd update the blog. I'm totally reminiscing about high school. I joined www.classreport.com - great free site for our class to keep reunion information posted on.

I am thinking of all my good girlfriends from high school and hoping they're doing well. Dare I list them here? No, I won't....it probably wouldn't matter, anyway, since the people who read this site are my friends since high school, so they don't care. ha ha - like how I put words in your mouth?

Today is Kelly and Rob's 3-year anniversary. Happy Anniversary!!! He sent her a dozen....bottles of wine yesterday and flowers today with a very sweet note. Good job, Rob! He's in Afghanistan too, so we're all going through the same thing over here.

Here's a picture of Rob with Donald Rumsfeld. Rob is on the very left. Pretty Cool, eh?

Here are Kelly and Rob - happy anniversary again!


jborg said...

What a cool pic of Robbie with Rummy!
It was WONDERFUL to talk to you and Kelly tonite...i miss you gals too much!
Well, need to go rest my knitting injury. typing seems to aggravate it. Must self-medicate with wine.

jborg said...

Oh....and congratulations to new Mamma Amy! I am so thrilled for you...how amazing that you were there Rachel. Thanks for the reassurance that labor looks SOOO easy. By the way...you are totally full of it. You thought that you had me convinced...but i still say a surrogate is the ONLY way to go.

Anonymous said...

Damn that Rob guy is really hot. Thanks for sharing his photo so the whole world can appreciate his beauty. YUMMY!!!!