February 14, 2006

Welcome Addyson Ciara Burns

Born February 13th (Amy's Birthday, too) at 7:03pm to Amy and Charles Burns. She was 7 lbs. 4oz and was 19" long. She is absolutely beautiful! All ten fingers and ten toes - beautiful lips, hair, ears. She's gorgeous! I had the honor of being in the delivery room. Wow - it was one of the BEST experiences I've ever been a part of! How flippin' fantastic! I can't even begin to describe it!

So - I should have pictures soon. I took pictures, but on their camera, not mine. Mom, Dad and Baby are doing very well. Nana and Papa are super ecstatic! They have a terrific support system!

I hope everyone is having a great week so far!

Happy Valentines Day!!!


Jess said...

It's exciting to actually be there isn't it? I was there with Joel. Now I'm totally attached :)

tinanorth said...

Happy Birthday Rachel. I get the biggest kick out of watching your life. You have a blast. Question... Where do you get all those wigs?

Love you girl

Anonymous said...

Yeah you do miss me!!! This is my first time writing on this. Why? Because most of you have no idea who I am. But in honor of Rachel...here I am and you be'll hearing more of me all the way from St. Louis! Thanks Rachel! And congragtulations Amy!!

Oh yea and you really do look like Barbie! How fantasitc is that?!!!

Your St. Louis friend,

Jess said...

Happy Birthday!!!