March 8, 2006

American Idol - the guys again

Okay, so I didn't get the chance to watch American Idol last night, so no commentary on the girls....although, AI just came on, maybe they'll show a small clip from last night. Nope - here goes Gedeon...

Okay, he just started off a little off key. Could he move his mouth anymore!? Simon is going to say something not-so-nice. Snoozer.... sorry, I just took a short nap. Okay, here goes the judging...
Randy - liked his painting, not his voice. The big note "saved it" for him
Paula - she uses Randy's words - throwback, "old soul," etc.
Simon - yep, he said he's "quite odd..." he thought it was good, but not the best....hmm, he says that Gedeon is growing on him.

I like him better without hair than with it. Ooh - good song. He is so good! He's found his nitch, definitely! Amy Lee is going to call him and ask him to sing with her! He needs to have a little more feeling - he's standing too still. There he goes! Wahoo! Go Chris, Go Chris!! JD - there's another song for us to sing together. Ooh, he hit a wrong note - I hope nobody heard that. Judging time...
Randy - loves that Chris knows how to pick the right song, he loved it! Rock on!
Paula - she looks pretty, but she's still annoying
Simon - wasn't so impressed...a bit "indulgent?" What? He loved him last week and now he says that he has a long way to go in this competition. He thought it was boring and that it's not memorable. I disagree. He may not end up the BEST performance of the night - we'll see....but I still loved it. Hot shirt, too.

Uh oh - he's going Kanye West on us! I can't WAIT! This song has a lot of Ss in it....with that lisp, it is really bad! Oh well, he's cute. This song is not very exciting. It sounds like something that should be on the Wizard of Oz. I haven't ever heard this song .... he was so passionate, but I think Simon is going to eat him alive.
Randy - weird song choice, but he says that Kevin can really sing - Dawg Pound eternally
Paula - nothin' but love ... quit talking, Paula.
Simon - he thinks Kevin is like watching puppies play and that he'll get the "granny vote..."

When do they start doing his hair instead of him? He has a twin named Rocky? Oh my goodness! Wave on wave, huh? It sounds good so far, although he stands funny! He has a good voice, but I need to seriously close my eyes. I hope he rocks out, but not too, he is over doing it a little. Alrighty, I don't have a ton to say, but he's doing really well. Weird ending to the song, however, it was still good. I can tell Simon didn't like it.
Randy - not the greatest song to show off your vocals, but still all you
Paula - quit talking - nobody listens to you...
Simon - it was "okay," but it was just a bar-style song. Okay is not good enough.

11-year-old girls of the world - unite! ha ha! I love it! Do you think that the coaches on American Idol teach them to enunciate every word when they sing? I say, yes. His voice isn't that great tonight...a lot of off-keying it tonight! He truly is Fred Savage! I can't get over it. That back-up singer is wearing fingerless gloves. That's silly looking. Not impressed by Will tonight....based off that and not having seen the others, he could be singing his last song on AI.
Randy - prepping it up with "are you chillin?" that means.....he doesn't like it. Great song, but bad karaoke version
Paula - of course, totally disagrees...but of course, nobody cares. She thinks he raised his game - I have to disagree with that
Simon - Simon agrees with Randy ... it's in the completely, utterly, average category.
and....Paula is really bad at comebacks when it comes to Simon.

Oh my goodness - Taylor is in a BUNNY SUIT!! What a goofball - only Taylor! Well, he looks nice - good outfit! The crowd is standing up and clapping....what is this song? He's not having his seizures (spelling?) right now, that's good...Simon will like that. Taking it to the streets - good song - now I know what he's singing! What is that dance he's doing? ha ha! He's a little goofy - but it's a really good song for his voice! Go Taylor, go!!! Oh no - he's freakin' out now - he might just break the microphone! Paula is standing up, but Taylor is looking at Simon, because nobody cares about Paula!
Randy - Great song choice, good job singing it, the dancin' was a little crazy
Paula - blah, blah, blah
Simon - You single-handedly could kill the music video industry. He thinks that Taylor had the best performance so far.

His voice rocks! Simon isn't even looking at him...I wonder if there is a screen over there to the left where he is looking to see if Elliot looks good on the screen. I want to make his hairline not so straight and give him invisilign braces. Could I be any meaner? Good song - good voice, as usual. Not the most exciting performance tonight, but definitely one of the best!
Randy - he looks forward to hearing Elliot sing every night. Randy said that he would make a record with him right now.
Paula - whoops, I plugged my ears when she talked - missed it
Simon - thought the song was a cop out - the wrong song - and he thought Elliot was uncomfortable. Wow. That's shocking.

Does he wear the same thing every week? Oh lord - a Michael Jackson song? The mic is too low for him. Did he just say "your taints?" What!? I know Randy will comment on him going from his head voice to his falsetto. I like it well enough. Simon won't like it. The ladies like it though...
Randy - he was worried about the song, but as I thought, he would comment on the falsetto
Paula - still not listening
Simon - he didn't love it, beginning was good, end was good, but middle was kind of off. I agree with him....Ace did make it work.

Alrighty - JD just called - gotta go.

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Anonymous said...

Man I love that show! Thanks for the recap Rachel. I love your commentary. Just one question though. How do you really feel about Paula? Go Chris!!!