March 14, 2006

American Idol Prediction

I won't give my commentary tonight, since I'm WAY tired!

Unfortunately, two have to go and they are ALL so different! However, my prediction for American Idol is....

Let's see.... I don't want him to go, but I have a feeling he won't get a lot of votes - Kevin (Chicken Little)and ... Melissa McGhee
I like them both, but to just guess, those are the two I think will be gone. I suppose we'll all find out tomorrow night.

Good night.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I was really sad to see Melissa go. I love her voice. Rachel you sound so much like her and we all know how awesome you are.

As for chicken little, I think he'll stay a couple more weeks. He won't win but people love watching him.

Next week Bucky has gotta to go! You think since his brother's name is Rocky they have a pet moose named Bullwinkle?

Ang from the Lou...