March 15, 2006

Have a Merry Maid Day!

I think I've found something that makes me feel wonderful. It's called Maid Day. And when that day arrives, for instance, today...I will wish myself a Merry Maid Day. Yep, I said it...

A wonderfully cordial trio of young ladies arrived at my house today at 11:30 to get started on treating me like a Queen. I was in my office, getting work done while they sprayed, scrubbed, vacuumed and wiped down my entire house. At 1:15, I walked downstairs to get a refreshment only to find them all on their hands and knees scrubbing my hard wood floors with rags. Those floors were truly being worshipped. I was like, "what?" All of this service, in two hours. Seriously - I don't think I really knew how good it felt to have a clean house, because when I clean it, I'm too exhausted to enjoy it.

I should probably get $20 off my next cleaning because of this advertisement. But, they would argue that only three people read my blog, so it's not exactly mass advertising. Oh well. Here is my recommendation...if you want to get them set up on an every-other-week basis or even have a one-time house cleaning, call them and tell them that I sent you. Granted, they probably don't know who I am and it won't benefit you to tell them, but it might benefit me. Maybe the more people I send, the harder they'll scrub. They took out my light bulbs in my light fixtures to clean them, for crying out loud. Merry Maids Rock!!!


Anonymous said...

Okay, it is official- you have lost it.
Love you,

Anonymous said...

I think more people read your blog than you think. They just don't comment. Hey it took me awhile.

And if lived there I might use the merry maids too! I sure could use them.