March 17, 2006


...ish blue... is what JD answered when I closed my eyes and asked him what color they are. Good try, but they're blue... That's okay, we'll cut him some slack, he's been gone for a year! Lesson: don't ask questions to try and test your husband's memory, especially when you know you're setting him up for failure.

So, yes, the boys are home! Yippee! We got to Green Ramp yesterday morning at 7:45am and they landed at 9:30. We were able to watch them walk off the plane, from about 300 yards away. Strangely enough, I watched every single soldier get off and immediately knew which one was JD. Something about his walk, his salute and the way he shakes hands with others. I pegged him. Storm and JD were standing next to each other in formation. It's funny, because we were all standing on a platform, trying to get their attention, but they're not allowed to look anywhere other than straight ahead. Kelly, Mara, LeeAnn, Mike Scioletti, Tyler Shelbert, Katie Krynicki, etc.....we were all there. Then, the band plays a few songs and they released the guys. It wasn't an emotional reunion, so much as a comforting one. It was so nice to know they were here, safe and going to be here for more than two weeks! They looked great (see pictures below). By the way - please notice that in both pictures, both JD and Storm have their eyes open.....even if they are looking at the video camera in the second one! Can you pick them out of number three?

Yesterday we took JD and Storm to BDubs and they had a couple of beers. They really wanted to stay there all night long, but they tuckered out early, totally understandable! So tonight I suppose the festivities really begin. Storm and Mike will be going to Raleigh and the rest of us will celebrate St. Patty's Day Fayetteville Style! Mexican restaurant, karaoke and dancing. Wahoo!

I know I'm speaking for the guys too when I thank everyone for all your thoughts, prayers and care packages you sent to the guys. They really needed that kind of support and are now not psychotic because of it. What?

So, happy St. Patty's Day! I hope y'all are wearing something green...ish blue. ha

Erin Go Brach....whatever that means!

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AliciaDawn said...

Yeah!!! Kathi told me JD was home! So glad that he had a safe home coming!! Congratulaions!