April 26, 2006

Our Trip to Disney World

So, I don't have too much to say, because so much happened, I can't get it all out on this blog. We went to Disney and had a great time. We went to MGM, Magic Kingdom and Epcot. We liked Epcot the best. There were things about each park that we liked, but all-in-all, Epcot was the best. We will most definitely not go back to Disney without children next time, though. It would have been much more enjoyable to watch a child have a blast there!

The VERY BEST part of the trip was Cirque du Soleil - WOW! If you EVER have a chance to see them, whatever the cost, go for it! We were in the very last row and it was sooooooo worth it! It was amazing!

I'll just make it easy for you....here are the pictures - they should link you to my snapfish, so you can see them all.

Oh, and Dad.....we did do something for you....per your request, we took FredBird to Disney with us and the first block of pictures is his adventures along the way plus everything Disney...enjoy....

Oh yeah, one more thing. I did get a henna tattoo. Why? I don't know and it's still not gone yet. Very professional, let me tell you. And no, I couldn't have been smart and gotten it on my lower back or something - I had to go and get it on my hand! Yes, I know - DUH!!!

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