May 26, 2006

Less Four Weeks?

Okay, I have been right about American Idol, let's see if I'm right about the pregnancy. I have a really bad feeling that I'm not as far along as the doctor guessed I was. If I go by the date they gave me, I'm 13 weeks. I'm willing to bet that right now that I'm only 9 weeks along. Ugh. Not a huge deal, except I feel really big already. I know I've only gained 4 pounds, but still - having a waist get even bigger by an inch feels a lot worse than just being bloated. I also am now having aversions to food. Not just some food - ALL FOOD! Every time I eat something, I'm getting nauseas. I never thought food would be something I wouldn't want. But it's here. I'm still ANXIOUSLY awaiting June 8th to have my FIRST physical exam.

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AliciaDawn said...

Rachel Rachel Rachel, everyone who gets pregnant for the 1st time goes through these things. Wondering exactly how far a long we are. Wondering if it'll ever be over. You're gonna get there. I honestly hated it when people said that to me, because I wanted to get there RIGHT NOW. It's flying for me, and it will for you too!!! Your pregnancy signs are a huge plus, means things are going well!!! Your twins are doing well in there, LOL!!! LOVE YA!