May 15, 2006

No ultrasound

Nope, no ultrasound today. Larry couldn't do it. He was home on R&R anyway, so his schedule is pretty solid. Oh well - everything happens for a reason, right? I have some sort of class I have to go to on Wednesday, so I'm going to ask them then what I can do - I NEED to hear a heartbeat or something. Other than an expanding waistline, I'm not having any other signs of pregnancy (okay, unless you count the forgetfulness) and that is bothering me. I have had three "dipstick" tests, as Grandpa calls them, and one blood test, but I'm still not convinced. I need proof. AND...I also would like proof on the number of little Huses running around in there.

Weight: up six pounds - I was just 4.5 yesterday - how did I gain 1.5 pounds in a day!?
Feeling: good, just tired and I want something to eat, but I can't put my finger on what it, I just drink water until I figure it out. BORING! But so worth it.

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tinanorth said...

Have you had any butterfly feelings in your tummy. Like you were nervous about something. If so, that is the little Huse moving around in there. You will know it when you do. Congrats again. This is too awesome.