June 2, 2006

Chicks and Bumps

First of all, for some reason, I feel the need to comment about the Dixie Chicks. Okay, never mind - it just lost it's spark. Maybe I'll feel like comment later on them. Is that bad? It's this pregnancy!

Okay, so now on to the bumps. This part of the entry is multi-functional. The term "bumps" has a lot to do with everything in my life right now. First off, the belly bump. I've now gained a total of seven pounds and still don't know how far along I am. The belly is there, though. I still just look fat, not prego.
....no, that's not my belly...obviously

Secondly, what are all these "bumps" on my face? Geesh - I look like I'm 14 again! Then, how about the "bumps" of fat starting to appear. Wow - I guess 'they're' right when 'they' say "you must lay the foundation before you build the house." This foundation is VERY bumpy!

And what about the "bumpy" mood swings. Yes, it's true. I have them. Surprise, surprise. One minute, I'm all happy, then someone cuts me off on the road and I go insano! What's bad about it is, I can't feel it coming on, but when it's there, I'm like "what am I doing? I'm so weird." But nevertheless, this baby is making the hormones rage and there is nothing I can do about it! I bet this child will be born with road rage.

The other day, JD and I went into the doc. I had to go get some antibiotics. So, while we were there, the midwife asked how far along I was. I told her about all the doctors and nurses I've met with who all totally arbitrarily guess a date for me. In two seconds, she whips out the Doppler machine. That machine is something I've seen before - on EVERY desk of EVERY doctor or nurse I've met with. Are you SERIOUS? It's that easy? So, no luck - she couldn't hear a heartbeat. That doesn't mean anything, though. It could be that I'm not far enough along or it could be that the baby(ies) are in a weird position, so they can't get to it. Oh well. So, she didn't sound too worried about it. But, she was amazed that I hadn't had an exam or an ultrasound. So, just like that, she scheduled one. That was that. Monday, June 5th is the day. Now I will be able to see what's going on. It seems like it's taken forever to get here.

Weight: Total - seven pounds up
Feeling: Good, no sickness quite yet. I am not having cravings, but I'm definitely having food aversions. I don't like pistachios anymore. I don't want BDubs anymore. I don't care for red meat right now. Fried foods make me want to puke. I know there is more, but we'll stop there. Hmm....I wonder if there are still some fudgsicles in the freezer?

....just to let you know, I added pictures only because it's more likely Kelly will read it this way. She likes pictures when she reads.


Anonymous said...

I have been waiting for an update! I hope all is well at Bragg. Call me!

Lee Ann

AliciaDawn said...

Rachel, wait until you pee your pants when you sneeze. I can't control it right now, and you won't be able too either, LOL. Also, I rent a doppler monthly from babybeat.com for about $35.00 a month. It is so worth it, and very reassuring. Although I couldn't hear a heartbeat on it until I was like 13 weeks. It was worth the wait though!! Let me know if you get one. I love mine. Thanks for posting, I was getting tired of waiting for a new one, LOL

Anonymous said...

Hey Rachel~ at least you have a good excuse for those annoying face bumps!! I'm tired of dealing with adult acne - soon I'm going to have wrinkles AND zits at the same time. Your ultrasound date will be here before you know it - HOORAY. Julie Z.

Anonymous said...

That's great that you are getting an ultrasound!!! Congrats!! Womack wouldn't give me one until I was 20wks.. and I think they did a heartbeat for me at 12weeks.. it was loud and clear so you might not be quite as far as you thought. But don't worry, everythiing is fine! You need to make an appt. with prenatal peek.. Their website is www.prenatalpeek.com


Anonymous said...

One more thing... I haven't heard you complain about sleepiness. I was sooooooooo tired after lunch. And was sleeping by 7pm! Has it affected you at all??


Anonymous said...

Awww, come on. I want to hear your thoughts on the dixie chicks!

Thanks for updating. Glad to hear that all things are going just as they should. Needless to say, you are figuring out that your total body wigs out.

Just in case you didn't hear. Leah and Kevin are pregnant again. Yippee! Due in February sometime. She just found out so really early.

Love you,

Anonymous said...

Maggie updated her blog, and you are featured in it...go read!

Anonymous said...

All I did was scan the photos :) You know me way too well.