June 27, 2006


So, many of you are asking how I'm doing. Here's a quick update. I get a MAD headache every night at 7:00pm. It's been getting more sporadic, time-wise, lately, but it happens daily.

The worst thing going on right now is the sciatic nerve problem I'm having. It really prevents me from walking late at night. I know, you're thinking "why does she need to walk at night?" Well, remember - I pee a lot. So, it hurts. Yesterday I put heat on it for two hours. Hmmm...the ONE time I should have read something on the internet, I didn't. Heat makes the nerve inflame. So, I slept with a bag of frozen peas under me last night. Not comfortable.

Let me also say this - I'm not complaining. I'm trying my best not to complain - it could be worse. I could have morning sickness. I could have multiple children at home and be pregnant. I could NOT be pregnant. So, again, I'm not complaining, just letting y'all know how I'm doing.

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Anonymous said...

Can you go to a chiropractor? My stepmom sees one for her sciatic nerve problems...but she's not prego. I know that some chiropractors can really help pregnant women feel better. It might help with your headaches too.