July 10, 2006

Good Deed vs. The Right Thing

Since when did just doing "the right thing" turn into making us feel like we've done a "good deed" for the day. Here's what happened.

I'm on my way to Greensboro and I decide to stop by to get gas along the way. So, I get to the pump, start pumping my gas and look up to see "Prepaid $20" flashing across the screen. I'm going - "hmmm...did I just pre-pay or is it asking me to pre-pay? ... or am I stealing someone else's pre-pay?" Well, as you may suspect, I was stealing someone else's.

So, I immediately went inside and talked to the lady at the front desk. I told her what happened and gave her a $20 in replacement of the gas I took. The guy behind me blurts out "wow, I didn't know people like you still existed. That was nice." I kinda walked out of there like a proud peacock.

Then I thought - "hey, you IDIOT! You didn't do a 'good deed' for the day - you just did the right thing, that's ALL!" I'm such a moron. For about 10 seconds there, I felt so proud. There is something wrong with me (or the world - I can blame it on the world, right?) that I seriously had that thought. I mean - I did it because it was the right thing to do, but then I was proud of myself. Not something I'd like to pass on to my children. Duh, I'm a moron.

Started my first day of marathon teaching today. Nine hours today, on my feet and as Kelly calls it, "performing." Phew, I'm tired. Now tomorrow I have 12 hours, then 9 on Wednesday and Friday. I think I might die. That's a whole 39 hours in one week, teaching, on my feet...PREGNANT. Do you feel sorry for me yet? Didn't think so. Oh well. Maybe I can rest later.

I'm catching a cold - that just adds to it. Yippee.

Have a great week, everyone!


Anonymous said...

I don't think you're a moron Rachel! You should feel good about doing the right thing, just as you should feel guilty if you had taken the free gas and run! I think that's a good trait to pass on to your kids!

Anonymous said...

Ok, that was a good deed and the right things to do but who was going to benefit from you paying the $20? The clerk, the gas station? Perhaps by chance the person would come back. Of course you will benefit in the long run as I am sure it was a test of honest from God. Just some random thoughts that came through my head as I was reading.

Keppel said...

BTW, that was me. Don't know how the anonymous got there - CK

Amanda Noel said...

Good for you- I totally believe in karma. It will come back to you.

Anonymous said...

That's so weird, the other day I was driving to Greensboro and I stopped to get gas. I prepaid $20 for gas, but then my phone rang and I got in my car and drove off without filling up. I wonder if there is any connection?

You owe me $20, Rachel.

And for the record, a good deed would have been you taking that $20, buying lottery tickets, winning a bazzillion dollars, and giving it all to your hot brother-in-law. And some to Storm too.

Anonymous said...

What if someone purposely prepaid the $20 for the next person to get gas. They could have been "paying it forward" and now you broke their good deed. You have now reversed the good deed. Now I think you have to do two good deeds to make up for it and shave your head while you're at it!

jess said...

There's something very strange about that story... who pays only $20 for gas anymore? :)

Anonymous said...

I agree, I think Rachel made up the whole story... I think her good deed should be not lying to us anymore about good deeds.

Anonymous said...

Grandpa would have been disheartened if you had done otherwise!

Anonymous said...

well, I was at the gas station for a bit longer after having gotten my gas, so I did see the lady who pre-paid and didn't get her gas...she was a bit spacey, but the lady at the counter did the right thing...used the $20 to pay for the lady's gas. So, it all worked out the way it was supposed to.

tinanorth said...

Hey Rachel, Good for you for doing the right thing. And it is alright to be proud that you know what the right thing is. You can thank your dad for that one.

I can totally relate to the being tired. I have been doing some "performing" of my own. Been teaching a preschool class at church for VBS. Do your students tattle on each other for "touching" them, butt in line, escape from your class room, or run through the halls like screaming banshees. Now think about this life is not so bad, HUH?
On the up side they give the sweetest hugs. Tomorrow is the last night and finale. I think I am going to live.