July 13, 2006

Only 4 months?

Only four months - I lied to you - I'm not EVEN four months yet.

That was the last thing that ran through my head before writing this blog entry. I was in line at the deli with my administrator and we were talking about how it won't be long before I won't be able to fit in a booth with my belly. She then asked me how far along I was. I have always promised myself that I wouldn't use weeks when talking to someone who had never had a baby, so I'm 15 weeks today and just jumped ahead a little and said "four months."

She looked at me like I had a third eye! "You're ONLY four months? I thought you were like five or five-and-a-half."

Then the cashier had to chime in "only four months? wow!"

Okay, I just said "yep," and moved on, but inside I was like dang, I'm only four months? But there is nothing I can do. I've gained around five pounds, but this uterus just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Am I going to have a large baby or are there twins in there and we haven't found out yet? I don't know, but part of me was feeling a little odd about them all thinking I was further along. The other part of me was thinking there's nothing you can do, you're pregnant...how your body forms is how your body forms. It wasn't worth explaining that I have a short torso and there is nowhere for the baby to go. Oh well. Just another day in the life of a prego. I'll have to always remember how I felt and later on, when I encounter another prego woman, I'll make sure to say "you're four months? you don't look that far along!"

I was going to start posting belly pictures, but maybe I won't! ha ha! No, I will. As soon as I take my four month shot, I'll start posting them.


Kathi Tugman said...

Don't worry about the size. When we first got here I went on-post to the laundry mat and decided to walk inside and get something to eat. This woman stopped dead in her tracks b/c she thought I was trying "to walk that baby out"! I kindly informed her that I was only 6 months pregnant. She said, "Oh Lordy Jesus. That's gonna be one big baby!" You'll be fine.

tinanorth said...

Just be glad you ARE pregnant. When it would suck is if you were not. Love the body God is giving to you. It is all worth it.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see your photos and keep up with baby news!

Lee Ann

Anonymous said...

People say the dumbest things in the world to pregnant folks...you're beautiful, I'm sure.

AliciaDawn said...

OK, time for the belly shots you promised!!!

stormhuse said...

Someone say shots?

Dolly said...

Rachel, Don't listen to what people say, you just enjoy the this time as your little miracle grows inside of you. There's nothing more precious than the feeling of your baby moving inside your belly! Enjoy it because it only last 9 months.
Love You!