September 10, 2006

Happy Anniversary To Us

Yesterday was our three-year anniversary. The first anniversary we've ever spent together. For most military families, one out of three aint bad!! We slept in, went to lunch at Subway...don't knock it, baby wanted it! Then we went to Cameo, a little theatre here in town that plays independent films and then to a restaurant next door (in downtown Fayetteville) called Pierro's. It was a great night, great weather and we walked away stuffed and entertained. Now - here's hoping that next year will allow us to be together on our anniversary again!

This is the only picture I could get of JD and me with his eyes open and him NOT looking like the runaway bride! :-)

This is just a snapshot of JD under the flag...

This is where we saw our movie, The Illusionist (GREAT MOVIE)

Where we had dinner - Pierro's


Jess said...

Hey we saw the Illusionist last week it was pretty good. Although towards the middle it got a little slow... my roommate almost fell asleep.

Happy Anniversary!!

Thanks for the card by the way! Love ya!

Rebecca said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Man, I should have remembered that, bad friend. :) See you tomorrow night!

Anonymous said...

You are so random...nice photo of the Cameo. How funny!


Anonymous said...

happy versary! You looked very pretty and for the record I have NEVER seen JD look like the runaway bride... but I would like to. Can you post that next? I mean cause I look at this all of the time Rachel!


stormhuse said...

What are you talking about? When did you guys get married??

(some jokes never get old... for me)

Simone said...

Happy Anniversary! We'll be celebrating our 6th on September 30th!