September 29, 2006

I'm Bringing Rusty Back...

I was thinking about updating my blog, but Storm is doing such a good job of updating his blog with my information, why should I!? Okay. I guess I'll at least tell you a little more about Rusty.

So, we were doing well ... we were done crying about the dogs being gone, talking a little about how nice it was that the house was so quiet and furball free, and we get a call. It's the guy who took Rusty. He proceeds to tell me that he absolutely loves Rusty, but that his landlord won't let him keep him because he had signed a no-animal lease. How do you NOT know that you signed a no-animal lease? Seriously? So, supposedly the landlord let him slide on having cats (one of which they believe Rusty may have killed) but they wouldn't let him keep Rusty. It's hard for me to believe that there isn't more to the story, but oh well. Does it really matter?

So, he came over, dropped Rusty off and almost cried as he left. Rusty looks great. Yes, much thinner than he was when he left, but I think he looks good. Healthy! I think he was a little overweight when he left because he had to gorge himself full of food so Layla wouldn't get to it first. He's all happy, running around the house, sleeping in his old spot, etc. I guess he thinks he was on vacation. BUT...I did put another ad in the paper. So, we'll see. I'll make sure to ask if any potential family has a no-animal lease, etc.

Well, I guess aside from Rusty's re-arrival (is that a word?) there isn't much more going on.

This weekend, I'll be painting the nursery and hopefully getting it ready to bring in some furniture. There are boxes and boxes of baby shower gifts sitting there waiting for me to get them out and start organizing them!

Have a great weekend, all!!!


stormhuse said...

Dangit, the title to your blog entry is much better than mine. I think I might change mine to "Doesn't Anyone Love Me?"

Poor R-Dog.

Carissa said...

I'm surprised you don't know this, but pregnant women who are as far along as you are, are NOT supposed to be around paint fumes. Didn't your doctor tell you that? Not even with a mask.

Anonymous said...

I have a respirator and we leave the window open with the fan on. That's the way the doctor told me to do it???

And I Just realized that because I changed my blog, all my links are gone - CRAP! Guess I have to now spend time putting it all back together! ughhhh!!!

Anonymous said...

Also, as long as it's latex/water based paint, there should be no problem with the fumes from paint...

stormhuse said...

(lyrics by JT, remix by Russ-T)

I'm bringing Rusty back
Them other puppies don't know how to act
I think he's special now that he's back
So turn around and he'll take a nap
Take em' to the bridge

Dirty babe
Yummy treats are what I crave
Baby my tail likes to wave
I'll let you smack me if I misbehave
It's just that no owner makes me feel this way