December 11, 2006

Nursery Progress

So, I have been working on the nursery, but really not much has changed. I can't remember if I put a picture up of it or not, but I might as well now. Here are some pictures I snapped. I have nothing on the walls yet. I'm afraid to put holes....they always end up bigger than they're supposed to be.

I took one of JD's wooden trunks and painted it and did a little stenciling and "creative" stuff. This will house some of the blankets that Dipstick has acquired.

The last thing I really need (other than the baby) are the paintings that my Aunt and cousin are doing for Dipstick. I can't WAIT to see those. That is what will make the room. They will go up behind the crib and rocker. The four-panel mirror on the floor will go over the changing table, along with a couple of photo frames. Then there are two shelves to be hung near the crib. I've got to hang the valance (Sara and Tina - remind me to get that from you, too) and put a little table and lamp next to the crib. Okay, wow - that just lets me know how much I really have to do. Yikes!

I'll make sure to take photos with the finished project.

I'm having back pains tonight. I wish that meant something.

Tomorrow is my next doctor's appointment. I'm going to see if she'll do a procedure that will possibly put me into labor....wish me luck. I'll make sure to let y'all know if I can convince her to do it this early! And no, don't freak out. I'll be 37 weeks on Wednesday and the baby is fully developed. :-)


Thomas said...

A) I'm over 1500 weeks and my brain is still developing (I hope).

B) I think what would make the baby's room complete would be a blowup of that picture of JD sniffing the lint out of your belly button.

C) On a serious note, that wooden trunk (I'm fairly sure) was built by JD's uncle, Lee, and given to JD back in like 1983 or 1988. I think he should take a picture of it and send it to him. Lee would be happy that 1) JD still has it and 2) that you guys incorporated it into the baby's room. Just a thought...

Anonymous said...

LOVE THE NURSERY. It is so creative!!! Love it! Love it!!!

- kel

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kel!

Storm - your brain is NOT still developing, is it? I thought it was on a downward spiral. No?

JD sniffing the belly ... definitely going in the nursery.

The trunk IS from Lee and it was from 1987. Good idea...we should take a picture of it...oh yeah, we did.