December 12, 2006

Kinda Bummed

Well, went to the doc today and ... nothing. I'm kind of bummed. Oh well. That's military coverage for ya. She wouldn't check to see if I was dilated at all. She said "why does it matter? you could be 3 cm and stay that way for three weeks..or you could be not dilated at all and give birth tomorrow." So, I think I'll be asking a little more unnicely next week. :-)

We had another childbirth class tonight and worked on our breathing techniques. I wasn't too thrilled with it, but I guess it will help in the long-run. I don't know, I guess being bummed just got my attitude wrong for the day. I'll be out of the funk tomorrow - I hope.


Anonymous said...

Don't be upset Rachel. I know you all are anxious, but that baby will decide when he/she is ready to come. You've made it this far, what's a couple more weeks?! :)

Anonymous said...

Ok, so I am trying to post a comment and it isnt working... Here is a trial post...

Anonymous said...

YAY, the post worked. Ok so what I was going to say:

First, I LOVE the nursery - how creative with the trunk. I will need to borrow you to help me with my nursery whenever I get pregnant.

Second, to be honest I am glad the nurse "denied" you at this appointment. For some reason, the inducing labor thing just doesn't settle well with me. I know you must be super anxious to have this baby, I can only imagine.. BUT all in God's timing. Remember, He is in charge. Who knows, maybe God is taking these last couple of weeks to continue to prepare you for motherhood. Keep positive. Soon enough you will have this beautiful healthy baby in your house. I love ya!


Anonymous said...

I know, y'all are right. And honestly, I'm not to the point of "get this thing out of me," I just don't want to get there.

It didn't help that I went to a breastfeeding class with La Leche and some of the things they did and said didn't sit well with it was just an odd day all around.

I'm out of the funk today, though. I'm fine.

Thanks for all the love! :-)

Mike and Kallie said...

HA! "What does it matter?"??????are you kidding me? Who says that to a prego mom? Rachel, I have this mental image of you grabbing the nurse by the throat and telling her "why" it matters! But all in all, aside from our ridiculous medical coverage her at Bragg, I agree with Rebecca. All in God's timing. Remember that He has you and JD and Dipstick in the palm of his hand. Glad to hear that you are out of your funk!