December 24, 2006

The Thrill of the Spill

So, we spent last night in the hospital again. We need "Frequent Visitor" cards.

We were gift wrapping at the PX (Post Exchange - the on-post mall) raising money for JD's company. We get there and the Red Cross (who is supposed to provide all the supplies) are out of a lot of stuff. So, I had to run to the Dollar Store to stock up on items. As I'm coming back in the PX, with arms full of bags, I decide to not look where I am going and step into a huge puddle of water on the linoleum. So, there I go...twist the ankle, land on my knee and finally right flat on my stomach - with the bags to cushion my fall. Well, I got up, gathered my items and limped my way to the table. Nobody I knew saw me do it. So, I had to keep my composure. However, as soon as I saw JD, I bursted out into tears. He, obviously, didn't want to take any chances with the baby, so he whisked me away to the hospital.

When we got there, they put on all the monitors and checked the baby and everything was fine. They kept me for about five hours. Funny that they looked at my ankle, but never offered me ice or anything for it. However, I am glad they took such great care of making sure the baby was all right. Oh yeah, and I'm 3cm dilated (probably nothing to do with the spill, though)

So, everything bad I said about the last ER visit....none of that applies here. The Labor and Delivery Unit is AWESOME! (so far)

So, today we get to go to the hospital again to get a "rhythm strip" of the baby to make sure there is ample fetal movement and not too many contractions.

It could have been worse. So, I'm not going to complain.

I think now I know why the baby won't come. I mean, I fell on my stomach and not a glich. It must be heaven in there!!



aunt~tina said...

You poor baby! That was probably more scary than harmful to the baby. You are lucky you did not do more damage to yourself when you fell trying to protect (her).
And now you know that all of those contractions you have been having are doing something. I told you Christmas day. Yea! I will be waiting to hear from you. May God bless you with an easy and speedy delivery.

Merry Christmas. Love you and stay off that ankle.

AliciaDawn said...

yikes, I did that too when I was pregnant. My knee had a huge pocket of fluid on it for about 3 months after. It's scary when you're pregnant!!! I cried too! Glad everything was good though!!!

Anonymous said...

Rachel~ So relieved to hear that everything is OK with you and the sweet bump. I LOVE your maternity photos. Merry Christmas!
Julie and Jon

Anonymous said...

thank you, everyone! You're all so sweet.