December 26, 2006

Our Christmas Together

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas. This year we got to spend Christmas together, after JD being in Afghanistan last Christmas, and it was very nice. We woke up a little early. Okay, so it was 7:00am, not THAT early! ha ha We opened up presents and ate breakfast. JD bought these awesome red long john pajamas with "Mommy" and "Daddy" on them and then one for the baby. It had the name of our baby on it. We were really planning on having the baby before Christmas (God had other plans) so this was going to be the baby's Christmas Day outfit. Well, because the baby still isn't here, JD wanted to share the sex of the baby with me while it was just the two of us - rather than in the hospital during delivery. He gave me the option of opening the box and I just sat there and stared at it for about an hour. Then I thought that I had made up my mind and wanted to know, so I opened the box. I took the onesie out and laid it down ... the name is on the backside. So, there the onesie sat for another hour-and-a-half.
I was worried that people would think I was weak and couldn't wait until the baby was born, but that wasn't it at all. JD really wanted to share that moment with me and only me. So, I did it. I turned it over.

And guess what? My premonition was right. We're having a baby girl!!!! Her name will be Lorelai Sinclair Huse. Lorelai is pronounced Lor-uh-lie. If you don't like the name, please don't tell me. I'm hormonal and emotional and I'll probably cry. Hee hee
So, obviously bidding has ended for the baby pool. All that is left is to have Lorelai and then we'll see who got closest with the other info.

After the morning's excitement, we spent the day lying around pretty much doing nothing until about 3:30pm when we went to see our Christmas Day movie with Leeza. We saw The Holiday with Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet. It was a "chick flick," but actually really decent. JD enjoyed it as well. It had an interesting plot. I liked it a lot. We then went over to Leeza's mom's house and hung out to watch Deal or No Deal and drink hot chocolate. Then we called it a night. Still no baby....she's just hanging out in there.... It feels weird to say "she." I'm still calling her "it."

I hope everyone else had a terrific Christmas with family and friends. We love you all!!


Anonymous said...

I love the name and know I will love the baby!!!!! Hurry, Hurry I can't wait!!!!
JD is "my" son when he does things like the oneies.....such a cute idea.
I'm so glad you shared
with us about Loraeie...oops, better work on that spelling. It really made our Christmas Day....I am so excited!!!!!!
Granny Jo

Anonymous said...

YES!!! I said you were going to have a girl! I am sooooooo excited for the two of you. Maybe since she didn't want to be here for Christmas; she'll come out with a bang on New Years!!!!
I love the name you guys picked out. "Lorelai Sinclair" (Princess)
I can't wait to see her first pictures.
Love yas !!!!

aunt~tina said...

I love her name! That is actually my sister Lori's nickname. Well one out of two ain't bad. Got the sex right just not the date. You hang in there, she will be here soon. She is half North you know with that stubborn streak. You have already proven you can't scare her out with worrying about JD and you cannot knock her out by falling. She already has the attitude. She will be here when she is good and ready.

Thanks for sharing your secret.
Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Whoops forgot to sign my name to my message. Waiting on Princess!!!
Love yas

Rebecca said...

Glad to hear you are fine from the fall. Be careful, Mommy!
CONGRATS on having a girl. I was wrong about the sex :) however I am super excited about little Lorelai Sinclair - a very sweet sounding name and I love the spelling of lorelai - different than I have ever seen it before. I can't wait for her to arrive. YAY. Thanks for sharing!!!

Anonymous said...

I am so excited to meet miss Lorelai! And since you and JD have graciously allowed Eric and I to use the name Lorelai as well ( in like 5 years) you know that we are the boggest fans of the name. Hey you only have to hold her in until the 28th at 3am and then I win! Cant wait to see you.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness!! I love the name! Lorelai Sinclair...sounds like a name for a girl who is destined to to great things!!! Okay secretly did you get the name off Gilmore Girls? lol.. I know how you love the show. Congratulations JD and Rachel! What a wonderful blessing. You will make a great mommy and daddy and I can't wait to meet her!!! Happy New Year!!!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the name! Yeah it's a girl! Woo Hoo!

AliciaDawn said...

I knew it was a girl, I knew it was a girl!! Can you hear me singing that? LOL. I am in love with the name!!!

stormhuse said...

What? It's a girl? The Huse Sons' curse of all girls continues... well, at least for the english speaking children, right JD?

Just kidding - very excited for the three of you and I'll see you guys in January.

Keppel said...

Well you know I love the name and I predict that you will have her on my birthday...New Year's Eve! Then you really will have a little princess! lol!! :-)

Rebecca said...

anytime now lorelai, we are all getting pretty impatient!!!! :)

AliciaDawn said...

We need one last belly pic Rachel!!!

Anonymous said...

I am so excited that you're having a baby girl. I am going to spoil her rotten. She'll be able to get away with so much when she stays with Aunt Kelly, Uncle Rob and Boomba. I promise I won't let Boomba feed her marshmellows! And, I guess the race is on for me to have a baby boy so we can marry these two powerful families...LOL!!!