December 3, 2006


Why do babies - so stinkin' SMALL need such LARGE items. For instance, I just put together the pack 'n' play. I did this, thinking that I could put it together and then just fold it back up in the little traveling case until the baby gets here. No way! I'm totally leaving it up. It's huge. I'm out of breath putting it together. I can't imagine taking it down!

And the stroller with the carseat. Seriously? It's GINORMOUS! Then there's the swing, which isn't THAT big, aside from how far the legs stick out. The only thing that I think is appropriately sized is the Baby Bjorn (thanks Brandy and Jacqui). Even the glider and ottoman - come on, folks...a momma's birthin' hips need just a little more room. I guess the designers of the pack 'n' play were not the same ones who designed the glider. Ugh!


Keppel said...

You should post pictures of the room as you are adding things.

Anonymous said...

I would, but something is wrong with the website today and I can't get pictures uploaded at all.

Anonymous said...

You're wrong with the website today and you can't get pictures uploaded at all.