December 1, 2006

Can't Sleep

It's almost 1am and I cannot go to sleep for some reason. So, I figured I'd update the blog. Want to hear something strange? A typical pregnancy symptom is heartburn. Well, I don't have that. I have what I call esophagusfreeze. Yes. That's right...for some reason, my throat feels a minty cool sensation. Kind of like I ate too much, so it's all sitting there in my throat, but it's fresh and minty. Isn't that ODD!? And the last thing I ate was wheat thins and pepperjack cheese - not anything minty.

Oh - and one more thing. Every once in a while, when I'm sitting down, there is a spot on my belly that gets warm. I was explaining it to Kelly earlier that it's like someone set a hot cup of coffee on my belly and then just as I started feeling it, they took it off. It's weird. It lasts for about 20-30 seconds and then it's gone for a while.

Does anyone have any clue what all this is?

I hope everyone is taking care in the elements this evening. I know St. Louis is getting crappy wet weather and they are expecting snow soon. It has been about 80 degrees here lately and today it started to cool off a bit and get drizzly. So, I'm sure after y'all have it, we'll get the aftermath. Be careful everyone!

Oh yeah - and did you see my ticker? My uterus is 1,000 times its normal size. That's just weird.

Good night.


stormhuse said...

Yes, enjoy the nice weather while you haven it... we got 10 inches of snow here and Butch/Jo are without power right now... crazy.

And I'm a 1000 times grossed out now... (jk)

AliciaDawn said...

Dang that's a big uterus!

KDoug said...

Oh what the future holds :)

Anonymous said...

"Helllllooooooo hellllooooo helllooooo" I said Hello to your 1,000 times and all i got back was my echo! HA! How long will it take to get back to its normal size after baby?

Weather's better, Chad and I got about 2 inches of sleet/ice and about 4-5 inches of snow on top of that. It's supposed to warm up to 43 today so hopefully some more will melt.

Anonymous said...

Kami - you're killing me! As for how long it takes to get back - good question. I'm hoping not too long. I think I'll DIE if someone asks me when I'm due after I've had the baby! ha ha

I saw your blog with all the snow. CRAZY! I'm glad you're having fun with it, though!