January 12, 2007

Quick Update

Okay, Lorelai is asleep on JD, so I figured I'd take a few minutes to update. I know, it's almost 10pm and she should be up so she'll sleep a little tonight...but I've given up on that one. I figure I'll just pop in a movie and watch it through the night. Sleep is overrated anyway, isn't it!? Yeah, I don't believe any of the junk coming out of my mouth either!

We had Lorelai's professional photos done yesterday. It was really an experience. We figured out that she does NOT like to be naked. I mean, she loves "nakey baby" when we change her diaper, but there is something about being naked in front of a camera that she does NOT like. I guess we should be happy about that! ha ha So, I'm positive that 90% of the pictures we'll see she'll be screaming and crying. I'll make sure to post the link when the photographer gets them to me. It generally takes two weeks. I think they'll turn out pretty decent, though...once she was dressed, she was much happier. Oh yeah, and I know it was a fluke, but she totally rolled over during the shoot. We put her on the ottoman on her stomach. She wasn't having anything of that, so she pushed herself right over onto her back. I wasn't the only one who saw it, so I'm not delusional. Okay, I might be delusional, but this was for real. Again, it was surely a fluke and won't happen again for months, but it was pretty cool. I never thought I'd be posting on my blog how my 13-day old daughter rolled over. I'm such a mom.

I also forgot to put pictures up of Lorelai's first bath at home. Here are some. We probably should have gone the sponge-bath route. Why are parents so mean? We got the whole thing on video too ... her crying...why is that so amusing?

Last, but definitely not least, I don't think I thanked Dad, Jodie and Ernie enough. JD's parents and my Dad came out the weekend Lorelai was born and saved our BUTTS for the first week plus. Jodie cooked nearly every meal while she was here and each of them fought over who was to get Lorelai next. I seriously fed Lorelai, ate a little and then passed her off to try to get a little cat nap in. I don't know WHAT we would have done if they weren't here. Thank you sooooo much for coming out, taking off work and dedicating so much time to us. We really appreciate it and can't thank you enough! Hopefully we'll make the trek back to St. Louis soon and you can let me get some more sleep...ahem, I mean, you can see Lorelai again. Love you guys!! Miss you already. We've been giving Lorelai kisses and hugs and letting her know how much her grandparents love her. She just smiles (and passes gas at the same time - interesting.)


AliciaDawn said...

you're so funny!

Kallie and Mike said...

I love the new look! And the pictures of Lorelai. You are such a mom...but that's a good thing!


AliciaDawn said...


aunt~tina said...

AWWW! How stinking cute! You know the kissing the newborn story... Got another one for you. Just words of wisdom from me to you. When she is older and you think how sweet (and quicker too) it is to just jump in the shower and take Lorelai with you. Okay here is the advice. When babies and you are wet and soapy, they are slicker than snot. Honestly almost lost Adam. Was fumbling all over the place to keep from dropping him. Makes me laugh now but at the time scared me to death. Just thought I would give you a chuckle on my behalf again.

Glad things are going so well. Love the pictures. And JD. Ouch that finger still looks painful.

Take care and we miss you. Adam's freethrow shootout was postponed til next Saturday after we thaw out. I will keep you posted

Love me

jodie said...

I miss you guys sooo much. Loved seeing Damon already reading to Lorelai. That's a wonderful thing to get used to doing!!!!!!. Wish I was there to help out, it was an awesome experience!!!!!

KDoug said...

Love the new claming design of your page. It makes me feel good. Thanks for sharing Lorelai's moment of joy - NOT! I wonder what was going through her head. Stop torturing me Mommy and Daddy. AGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jessica Stern said...

Beautiful little girl! Congratulations!
Bath time is oh so fun. :)

Rebecca said...

I like the new site makeover. Very Pretty. It looks like bathing isn't one of Lorelai's favorite pasttimes - but she's still cute as a button!! I showed Steve the pics, I think he is now more excited to see her since it's all the more real for him. It was great seeing you at church on Sunday!