February 17, 2007

Cry It Out

Okay, so we're trying this new thing...it's called "Cry It Out." I've been reading the book Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child on a recommendation of a friend. The book is written by a sleep expert who studied in my home town, St. Louis, oddly enough. In the book, it talks about how a baby's sleep habits are different from ours. If we have a nap during the day, typically we're not tired until later. If a baby has a nap during the day, it doesn't affect their sleepiness at their normal bedtime at all. Babies need naps and we need to make sure they get them.

Well, because Lorelai is so young, we've really not set any kind of schedule with her. We've allowed her to set her own. However, she's seven weeks old today and we figured (along with suggestion from the book) that it's time to start. So - we fed her, burped her, changed her and loved on her and then put her down at 8:00pm. She started crying and fussing about five minutes later. JD and I looked at each other with that knowing look. We know she needs to "cry it out" for a while. Well, JD is good at letting her cry. He can tune her out. He's obviously had practice with that being married to me! However, I cannot hear her cry without panicing. When I was pregnant, I was like "I won't be like that." Well, yeah...I am! It's something God gives us women....that little panic button when we hear our baby cry. It really is a gift, because if neither of us had it, we wouldn't tend to her needs as well.

Okay, so getting to my point....JD is sitting downstairs watching tv and listening to Lorelai cry on the monitor. Me? I'm sitting at the computer with headphones on and music BLARING so I can't hear her. I'm looking at the clock every two seconds, because we decided we would let her cry until 8:30. I hope that she's already stopped crying, but I doubt it. I swaddled her nice and tightly (which she doesn't like at first) so hopefully she'll give up and go to sleep. Apparently, letting her do this, she will sleep longer at night - not getting up wanting to be soothed every two hours. I'll let you know tomorrow how that goes! Wish us luck!

...JD just popped his head in on me...apparently, with the look he gave me, she's still crying. Umph! Only seven minutes left. :-(


Anonymous said...

It might take more than 1 night.....and it might work most of the time,,,, but it's hard on mommy.
Good luck!!!! Crying doesn't hurt, as long as it's not for tooo long.
Good luck. You are doing the right thing.....Love ya,Jo

AliciaDawn said...

Yeah, this is a tough thing to have to do. I really didn't set a schedule with Greyson until RIGHT at 3 months. Where has she been sleeping this whole time? In a bassinett, her crib or on your chest? It will happen, I promise.

aunt~tina said...

You are absolutely right. Crying does not hurt her. but it is the hardest thing in the world to go through. You should talk to Sara. She is a pro at this. She never put her babies down asleep. They would always be almost there and then she put them down. That way they learn to fall asleep on their own and can go back to sleep if they wake up in the middle of the night. Don't know how old they were when she started, but like I said she did it with all three. Me being G-mom still rock Joel till he is asleep, just cause I can. But the transfer to his bed is easy. good luck, I feel for you. It's tough.

Anna Childress said...

I had to cry a lot before I learned to fall asleep on my own, too...at least that's what my mom says, but I don't remember it at all. I finally did and now I sleep like a champ and Mommy says it was worth the grueling pain of hearing me cry. Daddy didn't mind it either (he knew I was just messin' with them), and told Mommy to walk around the block when she couldn't take it. Mommy and I are always up for a walk! I'll tell Lorelai my secret about the two middle fingers fingers. Maybe they'll help her too.

Keppel said...

That is what I had to do with Marissa. Luckily it only took one night. Now taking her nite,nite (pacifier) away was a whole other story! That went on for 3 or 4 nights! Take that one away early or don't wait until 18 months to do it. Laura's doctor said that babies don't really need to suckle past 3 months. Hopefully this wont be a problem.