February 20, 2007

SEVEN HOURS!!! (and *update*)

Oh my gosh - Lorelai slept for SEVEN hours last night...like, IN A ROW! All together! Without waking up! In her crib! AND, get this...we didn't have to let her "cry it out." She went to bed at 10:30 (even though we started trying at 7:30, but that's not the point!) and she woke up at 5:30.

More importantly - I SLEPT FOR SEVEN HOURS! Uninterrupted. Seriously - I don't know what to do with myself now. It's been over four months since I've slept like this. And, yes, I know - it will be another four before it happens again. ha ha

Oh well. I thank God for this gift!!!


Make that ELEVEN hours! When Lorelai woke up at 5:30, JD fed her and put her back in her crib at 6. She didn't wake up until 10:00. I'm in heaven!


aunt~tina said...

YIPPEE!! You know what is sad though. Now she will start sleeping through the night, and you will wake up in a panic and go check on her. Believe me it's going to happen. LOL

Kristen said...

She slept for 11 hours, because she was scared you would let her cry for 30minutes again~ Im kidding you know that is my plan!!!!

AliciaDawn said...

I agree with Aunt Tina. That's what we did for a while. We or I would get up and go check on him because I would wake up and wonder...is he ok, LOL

Keppel said...

Marissa started sleeping throught the night at 7 weeks. Hopefully this wasn't a fluke!

Renee said...

My little man sleeps for 18 hours a day :).. I know.. I know.. he's just a dog..