February 20, 2007

Nuncle Storm

Nuncle Storm (as our neice used to call him) was in town this weekend. We had a really good time with him - just chilling out and hanging out around the house. Lorelai met him for the first time and I think she really likes him. I don't have a lot of time, but here is one picture of the two of them together. (Dawn, thanks again for the outfit!)And...I put her in her little outfit that JD bought - it's probably the last time she'll fit in it! ha ha! This is the outfit JD had made when he told me the sex of our baby on Christmas. Here are her pics - that smile just kills me!! Andrea - for some reason, Lorelai totally looks like Casen in that last picture to me - what do you think?


Anonymous said...

She does look a little like Casen in that picture! Well, like young Casen. I'll have to send you some new pics, because he's lost a lot of that little baby look already.

Rebecca said...

What a pretty smile, Lorelai. And who wouldn't like Storm? I mean, he's charming, sensitive, intelligent... oh wait I think I just got him confused with someone else. But yea, Storm's ok. JUST KIDDING! We all looooooooove him and it was good to see him and you three this past weekend!

Anonymous said...

Super sweet pictures Rachel and we just received the totally adorable birth announcement today....THANKS!
Julie and Jon Z.

stormhuse said...

Rebecca, you're dead to me... (jk)

Lorelai was so awesome to hang out with this past weekend. Thanks again for letting me invite myself to NC for the weekend... had a great time!

But I still don't understand why you made me sleep on the couch when there's a perfectly good bed in the guest room??