February 10, 2007

odds and ends

Okay, I don't have a lot of time to post, so I'm going to try to get as much in here as possible, without boring you.

1) Breast feeding has not been going as well as I had planned. Unfortunately, for some reason, I have a rather low milk supply. So, I've been taking a ton of different herbal and prescription drugs to try to help. In the meantime, I've been breastfeeding her and supplementing with formula. Because of this, our little Stinker Bell has put on QUITE a bit of weight. I don't know how much she weighs, exactly, but as you can see in the photo, she's now "Chubby Cheeker!" ha ha - get it? Chubby Checker? Okay, lame, I know. Isn't that little Valentine's Day onesie cute? Too bad she probably won't fit in it in four days! And the smile - make me melt!!
2) JD and I were going to go to a Valentine's Day party for the company today and on the way, Lorelai BLEW OUT her diaper....and her onesie and her outfit....and the car seat. SO, needless to say, we didn't get to go to the party. We spent almost 45 minutes in the car trying to clean her up (using every last wet wipe in the diaper bag) and getting her re-dressed. Once we completed that mission, the party was already over. So, we went shopping. We went to Gymboree and they were having a sale (thanks a lot, Kris)...we spent a lot of money. BUT, look at these cute outfits. Now, I promise not to post pictures of every outfit we buy her, we just thought these were particularly cute. They're all 6 months and up. But, at the rate she's growing, she'll be in them next month. Mind you, she's only 6 weeks today!!! ha ha!

3) My brother turned 21 yesterday! I'm freakin' out! My brother is 21!!!! AHHHH!!! He's growing up! Wait a minute - maybe he's not "growing up," but he's getting older. No, just kidding! He's a great kid (minus the occasional poor judgement) and is just the sweetest kid ever. I said "kid." I guess I need to start calling him a "guy" or a "man." Ugh! He's still a little four-year-old, in my head....with his little Fuzzy Bear he took everywhere. You still have that, don't you, kiddo? :-) So, happy birthday, Dude!!!

4) Dad was in charge of dressing Lorelai tonight for a party we're attending. Her shirt reads "Heart Breaker" and she's wearing overalls with red socks. I don't know why I explained the outfit - I'm putting pictures below. He's in charge of changing her diaper when needed too! That outfit is going to be a PAIN to get off and on.

5) Lastly, JD and Lorelai got me the best birthday/Valentine's Day gift ever! I never thought I would want a granny rocking recliner, but it happened! My girlfriend Kris has one at her house and I envied it for long enough. It's amazing how much stationary furniture will drive you nuts when you're sitting in it to breast feed NON-STOP for 6 weeks. So, with the terrible amount of complaining I've been doing, I got my gift early. I'm in HEAVEN!!! Thank you, JD and Lorelai


AliciaDawn said...

What a great husband you have! And Lorelai is getting so big! She is soo cute Rachel!!! Do you know the dates your'e coming home yet?

Anonymous said...

I already thanked Alicia "off-camera," but I have one more thing to say...Lorelai totally looks like a boy in that sweatshirt and overalls! ha ha! It will be fun when she has hair and finally starts to look girly! :-)

Anonymous said...

1. Way to go JD and Lorelai. That's an awesome b-day gift. You're going to love your granny chair :)

2. Love the little outfits. I really like the yellow one. Too cute. I'll have to stay away from the mall.

- Kel

Anonymous said...

Oh, she is precious.....thanks!!!
You made my day.

Great chair.....that is wonderful!!!!!

I can see Storm in it next week ....he will be asleep with Lorelai on his chest.

Love ya,

Renee said...

That was a funny story.. the poor thing will read this in 20 years and be embarrassed..

Anonymous said...

hey rachel,
first time commenter on your blog! yah! the pics are rad. can't wait to meet you guys! u have a precious gift from above there, tho she may explode her diaper a bit. who knows - you might even begin to miss that stuff when she wants her ears pierced, gets her drivers license, graduates from h.s., gets married, etc.. sounds like u love mommyhood. have a super day and hopefully i'll visit here often. cya, beth jacobs

stormhuse said...

Man, I can't get enough of those outfits, keep the pictures coming.

I'm digging the new chair, but I think there's more of a chance of Rusty being asleep on my chest than Lorelai... don't get me wrong, I'll try, but babies plus Storm equal screaming... from both of us.

I really dig the overalls/sweatshirt combo, but for some reason I thought you guys had a baby girl? He's totally gonna be upset when he sees pictures of himself in a sweatshirt that says 'heart breaker'.

I wonder how long you guys will be mad at me for that last comment. Hopefully you won't still be mad on Thursday... I need a ride home from the airport... in Raleigh. And I said home, how funny... can't wait!