March 20, 2007

All Sorts of Craziness

Okay, so I'm over at the in-laws' house right now. Things are going well. Lorelai slept for 8 hours last night before she woke up, took a bottle and then slept for another three hours. That was nice.

We went to Hancock Fabrics today because Jodie and I were determined to get me learning how to sew. We picked out awesome fabric for a baby quilt. We got back, Jodie set up the sewing machine and started teaching. I am not a very good grasshopper. I thought I had it all down and about four hours into it, when I thought I was almost done with one side.....we realized everything was crooked and silly looking. Well, at least in my opinion. Jodie says it's fine, but no.... I am taking a break and hopefully we'll fix it later. Jodie is currently tearing the whole thing apart right now. Ugh!!! Here's a little slide show of our evening.

So, then at 7:15, we realized we were missing American Idol! AHHHHHH!!!! NOOOOO!!! We caught on at the very very end of Chris Richardson's performance. So, here are my thoughts this week....while Jodie is jumping around with a hole in her hand from cutting it....Lorelai is crying because I woke her up and ...well, here we go.

Haley - missed her. Not real sad about it, though. She's definitely not one of my faves. Anyone want to tell me how she did?

Chris Richardson - Can't believe I missed him - I caught the very end and it sounded good. The judges raved, so I guess that's always nice. I'll have to watch the recap. I'm usually a big fan of acoustic. If anyone saw his performance and would like to critique, please do.

Stephanie - What is with those boots with that dress? It's like hooker diva meets high-school prom-goer. I guess it's not a fashion competition, though. Okay, to her sounds all right so far. A little pitchy. Eh - I guess it wasn't that bad. Forgettable, in my opinion.

Blake - I love his outfit! And I don't know what the judges are going to say, but I like how he "Blake-izes" his songs. Ooh - the last note was a little off. We'll have to see if the judges caught it. What's awesome is that Ernie (my father-in-law) is trying to break dance in the living room. FYI - Ernie just had eye surgery and probably shouldn't be shaking his groove thang like that! ha ha! When Ernie sang the line "who's your daddy," I about fell out! Well, it looks like the judges like it. Don't you think Blake's fans could have come up with a more creative sign than "Blake is Great." Seriously?

Side Note: I'm not doing a very good job commenting tonight, but go with me....I'm really torn up about having to take apart my quilt. Maybe we shouldn't have started with a quilt as my first project. I thought we should start with a pillow case, but Jodie thought I had more potential. I think she might have been wrong! ha ha!

Lakisha - Diamonds are Forever, huh? I wonder if those are real.......the diamonds, of course? I wonder if other things are real too - like her hair and ... yeah, that's it. Okay, I don't like this song, even though she's doing well with it. It sounds like I'm watching Miami Vice. And when Lakisha gets to her lower register, she sounds like the Wicked Witch. I might have nightmares. Oh - James Bond - okay, that makes sense. Miami Vice - James Bond....close enough.

Phil - Did I ever mention that some people shouldn't be bald? I hope he wears a hat tonight. Nope, no hat. Dang it. Now I'm going to be distracted! He's trying the rocker vibe. Hmmm....nice harmonies. Sometimes having great backup singers make you sound terrific. I actually like this song. His high and low registers are sounding good. I wish he'd drop the mic stand. Oh, there he goes. I think he can hear my thoughts. That's scary! He seemed to have fun. I agree with Simon, though - it would be nice if Phil had some "grit" in his voice.

Jordin - I'm a big fan of hers. I hope she rocks this. She's so stinkin' cute! I like her innocent confidence. She is doing VERY well!!! Storm just called and interrupted. DANG YOU STORM! ha ha. I think she was the best for the evening. I like her better than Melinda and Lakisha. She's my favorite girl and Blake is my favorite boy. Ryan looks itty bitty next to her!!!

Sanjaya - Oh my gosh, he's going to try to rock? YIKES! He looks like Prince tonight. He just squatted in front of Paula and that scares me. Is that little girl in the audience crying because she's scared? Awestruck? Ears bleeding? I have to admit it and agree with Ernie - this is the best performance he's had. And why do they keep showing that girl? She looks like she thinks he's Michael Jackson!! I can see the confusion. Oh my gosh, they keep showing that girl and I'm dying!!! I don't like to say it, but he did a good job. I could do without the tongue sticking out, though. Icky.

Gina -I'm digging the new hair, girlfriend! Based on her outfit, it looks like she could be rocking tonight. She's nervous. Voice is shaky. Although, I think I'd be a little nervous too! She's certainly not "devouring" it like she was instructed to do. I'm sad. She did decently, but I was expecting more.

Side Note: I have eaten more chocolate in the last three months than I have in the last year. Why is it that I didn't have cravings during the pregnancy, but now I can't eat enough chocolate!!!? I look like I'm seven months pregnant and growing. Ugh.

Chris Sligh - I wonder ... when he's done with this and makes it big, will he change his look like Elliot Yamin did? Everyone is touching his hands as he walks through the audience and all I can think is "are his hands sweaty?" He's doing a good job, but it's weird that he's walking so slowly. I feel like he should be a little more excited. Oh, there he goes...he's doing the Curly Shuffle on the backstage! Nice! He has a really good voice. I like that they are doing British Invasion rather than picking a certain artist for the night. Decent performance. I think he'll be here next week.

Melinda - The song she's doing actually bores me. I don't know why. I can't put my finger on it. Her voice is terrific as always. She's just really good, but I don't love her. Thank GOODNESS she didn't do the "I'm so surprised" look as badly as she usually does. I was getting sick of it. Based on her performances, she'll most likely win the whole thing. I don't know why I'm so bored with her, but I am. Can anyone explain this? She needs a better bra - or a bra, period.

My prediction for the night... based strictly on performance, Gina might be gone.
My second guess is Phil. He doesn't have the following to keep him on.

Just heard the re-caps.....Gina just didn't do well enough. That's my prediction.

I'm FALLING OUT OF MY CHAIR RIGHT NOW!! Ernie just said that Jordin's hair goes well with her outfit. JD is TOTALLY his father's son. That's something he would say.

Speaking of JD - I miss him. I shouldn't complain, because there are a ton of husbands who are away for MUCH longer than JD, but I hadn't heard from him in two weeks and hearing from him today made me miss him more. I can't wait to see his face when he sees Lorelai in person. Here's a picture of her. She's getting so big. Such a little chunker. She has met a plethora of people in the last few weeks. I'll make sure to make a slide show with all of the people she's met.

Look how long my baby is!!!
People are going to ask ...
"why is your child not walking yet?"
To which I will respond ...
"because she's only three months old!"


Renee said...

ohh.. those blue eyes, I can't help but get butterflies when I see her. Is that weird? She is just so beautiful! As for you missing JD, it's ok to admit it. You aren't complaining. I told James on Sunday that I was just having a bad day of missing him and I felt bad because I know that friends are missing their husbands who are over in Iraq so I tried to stop. I realized that no matter how much we understand that other people are in the same situation (or worse) it doesn't stop us from missing them terribly. Some days we just need to give in and let it happen. They are just so wonderful that it's hard not to miss them.

Renee said...

The slide show was priceless.. I didn't think that you were posting while you were away because I checked a couple of times last week and you hadn't at that point. Sounds like you are having a great time..

Anonymous said...

How much longer are you in town? I have to see that baby before you leave! You took some cool photos in your slide show! I love the one of the pins and scissors. Good Job.

Jo said...

Rachel, congrats on learning to sew. That is awesome. Jon's parents bought me a sewing machine for Christmas - this was not a statement of any kind from them, I had actually asked for one. I have purchased mountains of cool fabric and patterns and planned all sorts of exciting projects - and yet I have used my machine exactly once to patch a hole in my MIL-to-be's new robe. You'll have to post on your progress.

Anonymous said...

She is getting big! Hey, I am going to Ft. Jackson, SC this Sunday for two weeks and will be passing through Bragg if you are going to be home between now and April 6th! I may have to come and pick some stuff up for Mara and Ken at their house.

Lee Ann

jessica p. said...

Your daughter is soooooo beautiful-love the big blue eyes, just like yours!

Since you missed Haley-I actually liked her performance alot-she was cute and flirty and it was a cool song to me.

stormhuse said...

why is your child not walking yet?

great seeing you guys yesterday, thanks for driving all that way to see me!

can jeanette keep a secret? only time will tell...

Anonymous said...

Storm, it was good seeing you. looking good! :) its not me you have to worry about, b/c i know nothing!!!


We are Team Brummy said...

Lorelai dont worry that mama called you a chunker!