March 13, 2007

Hey folks, it's IDOL TIME!!

So, I normally don't do my Idol commentary until there are ten contestants left. However, with last week's upset, I decided to start early. Here are my thoughts while I was watching - if you're interested.

Ooh - dude, big miss there. Gotta memorize your words before you get out on stage. Although, I'm sure being in that HUGE theatre make things a little intimidating. I am not thrilled with his performance. I think missing the words kinds ruined his mood a little. Granted, I missed most of his performance, because I was putting Lorelai to bed. Being a mommy is definitely more important than a reality show. But, I'm glad she went down quickly so I can see the rest of the show! hee hee

She always rocks her songs. She has a terrific voice and always performs like a pro. She looks so confident while she's performing, and then the second the music cuts off, she looks like she has seen a ghost. I really love her voice, but there is a sick part of me that just wants to see her mess up. That's horrible, I know.

Chris Sligh
I really like the little chubby kid with a lisp. He reminds me of someone I went to highschool with - and I'm not naming names. Side note: his wife is really pretty - I definitely wouldn't have paired those two up. Simon, I agree with you, he wasn't great - the arrangement was weird. When they started the song, it sounded like they started the wrong song and we were going to have one of those "oops" live-tv moments. Hope he's back for next week, though. I like his voice, normally. You don't expect that voice to come out of that body.

Every season, there is someone like Gina; bold, funky, raspy-voice, rocker chick. Secretly I wish that was me, so I think that's why I am always drawn to them. However, aside from Kelly Clarkson, there hasn't been another "Gina" who has blown America away. Unfortunately, Gina is going to have to step it up big time to stay to the end.

Seriously? Why, why, WHY should I even have to comment on him!? WHO is voting for this poor kid!? He seems sweet and innocent, but that only works on Star Search. And he SO looks like Michael Jackson (pre-surgeries) tonight. Creepy. Speaking of Wacko Jacko - my Dad always says that he's the only poor black boy who grew up to be a rich white woman. But, I digress.

I was upset that she was chosen over the other girl last week. Yeah, I know - I don't even remember the other girl's name. I just know that she was better. Maybe I should start voting. And what on earth is Simon talking about? Did someone pay him to start liking Haley? Or is she the "token white girl" they are choosing to keep on the show? And Paula - shut up! Why do you say she's awful and then Simon diagrees, so you jump on his train? Like my Dad says "get off the drugs, woman!"

Commercial - Jimmy and Chazz - John Heder and
Will Farrell - what's that all about?
Who are Jimmy and Chazz?
I guess I need to consult the "magic box."

Some people just shouldn't shave their heads. I like his voice - I think he's one of the better guys. With training, I think he'd be fantastic. I have a feeling, though, that his missing his daughter's birth for American Idol try-outs is part of the reason people are voting for him. Why? That is so not cool to miss your child's birth for this. Oh well - who am I to judge? Oh yeah, that's what this whole blog entry is - me judging. Anyway, I still think Phil is really good.

Does anyone else think she looks like Jennifer Hudson? I wonder if Lakeisha gave Ms. Ross permission to call her Kiki? Okay, two things - she sounds like Nell Carter. If you don't know who Nell Carter is, you're too young to be reading my blog. Secondly - even after Ms. Ross told her to have a mic stand, she didn't use one. It's like when my friend Leeza asks my opinion on an outfit and chooses to wear the one I didn't pick. So, I don't have much else to say about her performance - she's always flawless, dang it! But, I don't LOVE her yet.
Simon needs to get out of the tanning
bed a little earlier next time.
This kid is my favorite guy. In the beginning, I thought he was going to be all about beat-boxing and not have any other talent. Come to find out, beat-boxing is just a small part of his repetoire. He's an awesome singer, great dancer, beat-boxes just the right amount and looks the part of an American Idol. He's very cool, calm and collected on stage. Side note: Paula, for being an ex-Laker Girl, you sure do dance funny! Back to Blake - the song was "aiiight," but a little too "kitchy." There weren't enough vocals - too much electric.

By the way - the word "kitchy." Did I spell it right? Is it a real word? Did I make that up? Dad me me laughing because he said he's never heard of such a thing. However, he's the one who introduced me to the term "baby daddy," and tonight he used the phrase "junk in the trunk." WHAT!?

She's a cleaned-up version of Fantasia. Odd song choice - let's see how she does. She looks pretty; nice dress. She did an okay job. I am definitely not the biggest Diana Ross fan, though. I guess it's hard to find an artist who has twelve successful songs for them to perform. She did a good job and I think she'll be back next week.

Chris Richardson
Is it just me, or is this show full of celebrity look-alikes? Justin Timberlake. He's a cute kid, though, I hope he does well. He has a great falsetto, but he dances funny! The camera guy can't keep up with him. He's very....bouncy. Good choice of song, I think. It was entertaining. I don't believe it was as bad as Simon made it out to be. Ouch.

Her feet are all funny looking and twisted while she's sitting on the stage. She looks great, though. You can tell the fashion gurus, makeup artists and hair stylists are on the payroll this week. Solid - very solid vocal performance. I wish she had more feeling in her face when she sings, though. She looks like she's singing in her shower, where nobody can see her. But overall, excellent. Looks like the judges agreed.

My predictions

Sanjaya needs to go. I hope he goes. People, quit voting for him! Put him out of my misery!
Brandon - sorry, buddy, but I think it's the end of the road for you.
Although, with Chris Sligh's performance tonight, he could quite possibly be going home. I'll put him on the "alternate" list for going home. I definitely think that he might be in the bottom three.

However, America surprised me last week - they could do it again!
I'm curious - what are y'all thinking about the show tonight?

Until tomorrow night....


Kallie and Mike said...

Totally agree with you about Sanjaya...or whatever his name is. Please oh please make him go home...I just don't think I can watch him perform anymore, it makes me want to vomit!

Joanne and Deric said...

Agree totaly with you on that shaggy dog looking fella! I am a Blake fan... by the way did I tell you I think your insane to do this.... fabulous - but insane!

J said...

Totally funny you should mention all the look-a-likes. LOL. I just got done reading "US Weekly (March 12, 2007) and this is what they had to say about looking and sounding like other stars (maybe you should write for them.LOL)-
Blake Lewis-Nick Lachey, Melinda-Aretha Franklin, Chris Richardson-Justin Timberlake (10 points for Rachel), Lakisha Jones-Jennifer Hudson (20 points for Rachel), Phil Stacey-James Taylor, Nick Pedro-Frank Sinatra, Jordin Sparks-Chaka Khan (which by the way no badmouthing her because she is from Glendale/Phoenix, AZ :P), Sundance Head-Steve Harwell, Stephanie Edwards-Fantasia (30 points for Rachel), Gina Glocksen-Kelly Clarkson (40 points for Rachel), Sabrina Sloan-Beyonce Knowles, Jared Cotter-Brian McKnight. So 100 points Rachel! YOU GO GIRL! And so funny you mention Simons tan-I made the same exact comment on the same episode. Okay I think this has let me procrastinate another 10 minutes from doing homework. Take care...

J said...

Sorry the previous doesn't say my name so if you ever see "j" know it is me-Jessica Pea former AFFFFFFFLLLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAACCCCCCCC

Renee said...

I don't watch it.. maybe I'll start when it gets down to the final three or something. You can let me know if I should be watching.