March 14, 2007

I've Figured it Out!

I know who's voting for Sanjaya. I was so disgusted by tonight's results that I went to Google and typed in "who is voting for Sanjaya?" My search led me to this website Vote For the Worst. Here's just an excerpt from their last blog entry.

Go Sanjaya! And thanks to everyone who voted for him! If we can move him ONE more week into the top 10, he'll go on tour and have to sing a Gwen Stefani song. So we HAVE to vote as much as possible next week. Come on, everyone, this could be the best show ever. Does anyone miss Brandon? Probably not. But now it's obvious that VFTW saved Sanjaya, because he was in the bottom 2 and didn't leave. Had we not voted for him, he would have been gone. Great work, everyone!

Apparently, the goal of this website is to vote for the worst, to make the producers mad. I think they've got it all wrong, though. The more they vote for Sanjaya, the more upset viewers get and they continue to watch and vote to make sure their favorite sticks around. The more this happens, the happier the producers are, of course. Any publicity is good publicity for the show. I'm sure this website was started by one of the producers.

So, really, everyone involved with the show is pretty much brilliant! I mean, I might not agree with all of their ways, but it's smart. It's the #1 show right now. And look - I'm doing commentary on it; and I know I'm only one of millions. Once again - great publicity for the show. They've got me entangled in their web. Oh well - no sense in trying to escape. I'm in it for the long haul.

By the way - I'll be really upset if Sanjaya wins the whole thing. You're hearing it straight from my fingers now....if Sanjaya wins, I'm not watching next season.

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stormhuse said...

I'm having deja' vu.