March 29, 2007

This is getting old...

So, the bottom three didn't surprise me. I keep forgetting the Phil doesn't really have much of a following. Did you see his hair, though? I think he might be growing it out, thus the hat.

I'm sad that Chris went home, but I guess he didn't do very well on Tuesday. Apparently, I had other things going on and didn't realize it was that horrible.

I am just embarrassed for Jambalaya. He knows he isn't as good as the others. I hate that good singers are being sent home because of him. If the producers are loving this, they're not going to be very happy when he takes the cake and they have to support him through a record deal.

My blogs are very uninteresting lately, so I'll just spare you and leave you with that. Hopefully my creativity will come back when I'm back home in my own environment. I LOOOOVE being in St. Louis with fam, but there's something to be said for being in your own space. By the way - what am I going to do when I get home and Dad isn't there to take Lorelai at 2:30 to give me a break? I'm going to be a full-time mommy again. AHHHH!!! I know that all the full-time mommies, some with husbands gone, some with no husbands at all are cursing me right now! :-) But, you all know how much I admire you...and well, this is my blog...I get to say what I want. LOOOOOOVE YOU!!!!!

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Rebecca said...

I definitely agree with you about American Idol - Steve thinks the whole thing about Sanjaya is funny. I agree, but slightly annoyed at the same time. I am looking forward to seeing you soon - hopefully on Sunday (and yes I am showing now)!!