March 27, 2007

The Usual

Alright - this is going to be a pictureless post.

Gwen Stefani - she is just so pretty. She reminds me of someone....possibly someone I know? I can't place it, though. Any ideas, anyone?

Lakeisha - odd song choice - thought it might be a little karoake sounding, but really - is she EVER karaoke sounding? Guess the judges liked it, so that's good.

Chris Sligh - he looks like he's in pain tonight. Good vocals, though. "Messy trainwreck," huh? I guess I missed that. Well, maybe America will keep him on because it's fun to watch trainwrecks.

Gina - GREAT song choice. I love this girl! she's very into it - you go girl! I think she's coming back!! Yipppeeee!! Great performance. I'm glad she didn't break away from the mic stand. That would have been too predictable. Simon kills me! I love how he tries to be all mean. "Best performance of the night" - better than Lakeisha - that's awesome for her! That's my girl!


Haley - what's up with her hair tonight? She and Sanjaya went to the same stylist...same confused stylist. Holy short skirt, Batman! Her version of this song makes it sound like a gospel song...I'm not a Haley fan.

Phil - thank goodness he's wearing a hat. Not so good that he's wearing more blush than me. Great performance, though.

Melinda - I want to knock that "surprised" look off her face! Ugh! She's really really good, but I just don't love her. I don't know what it is. I know I probably wouldn't buy her cd. She sounds like someone famous, but I don't know who. She's just not my favorite. Can anyone tell me why I feel this way about her? Does anyone else feel the same? I mean, she'll probably end up winning this thing, but I won't be voting for her.

Side note: When Paula talks, all I can think about is playing that Whack-a-Mole game with her head. You know - the game that you play at Chuck E Cheese? Wow - I'm a little violent tonight!!

Blake - Hey, Blake - Michael Jackson called and he wants his zippered shirt back. This song is boring. I don't really like it. I thought it was a bad song choice, but the judges obviously liked him, so that's good for him. He's still my favorite guy. By the way - part of the reason I do these blogs is so that I can say "I THOUGHT THAT BEFORE SIMON DID!" And here's why...Blake was my pick of the guys before Simon ever said anything...let that be known.

Jordin - great song choice! Wish they would have darkened her eyes more. I think she could have physically gotten into it more, but I love her. This was great.

Chris Richardson - I love how Gwen is like "the melody doesn't need changing." Of course she says that - this is her song! Dad says that Chris and Lorelai have the same hairdo. She doesn't have sideburns, though. I love how Chris stylizes his songs. I wish I could do runs like he does! Oops - he forgot the words...guess the judges didn't catch it, though. Wow.

Going home - Sanjaya. I know, wishful thinking, but based on performances tonight, he SHOULD go home!

And, Haley...I think she's done. She's just not improving.

All right - time to go. I have a ton of people to see this week. Okay, not a ton, just five. But, still....I gotta run get my sleep so I'm not crabby tomorrow.

have a great night everyone...I'll "see" you tomorrow.

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