April 20, 2007

let's see...

...not much has happened in the past few days.

* We started Lorelai on rice cereal. We've only tried it twice and she likes it, but can't quite figure out the tongue/swallowing thing. It's cute!

* She is starting to hold her bottle too. She's not quite sure that it's her pulling it out and sticking it in her eye, but she's got the whole positioning of the hands on the bottle down!

* Today is WW day three. I guess things are good. I figured out that I like to eat a lot more in the afternoon, so I'm saving my points for then.

* I have renewed faith in Applebee's. JD and I had lunch there yesterday and we had terrific service - it's about time! The only reason we went is because they have a WW menu. It was great. The portion size looked small, but totally filled me up.

* Today, Lorelai was tired and I tried rocking her to sleep. She was fighting it big time. I've been trying to wean her off of needing a little bit of a bottle to go to sleep, so I decided that I would try to let her cry a little bit. She is almost four months old now and should start learning how to self-soothe. I definitely want to get her to that point before the six month mark. So, I put her in her bed at 12:00 and went into the office and put on head phones. At 12:15, I took off the headphones and checked on her...she was asleep. So, I don't know how long she cried or even IF she cried, but she did it! She fell asleep. I guess I'll be trying this for the next few days.

* Kelly and Rob had their first experience truly playing "house." Last night, JD had a military function that we needed to attend, so I left Lorelai at home with Kelly and Rob. My Dad wasn't really happy with that, but if he'd retire and move out here, HE would get to sit with her! Anyway, I left at around 6:45 last night and got home at about 9:30, I think. So, Rob and Kelly got to play with her, feed her, change her diaper and try putting her to bed. I left all the instructions for them. They did a tremendous job! She went down by 8:30, not without a fight, though. Whatever they did to her worked. She slept until 6:30 this morning, took a bottle and then slept until 9:45!!! Maybe it was the whiskey they put in her formula??? (just kidding, Jo)

* Last, but not least....here is a video that Kelly took at Lorelai's dedication last Sunday. I didn't know she even had her camera out. If you want to watch it, it's a couple minutes long. And Kris, yes, I posted it on youtube.com. Bad mom. :-)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful dedication! Here's a blog site I thought you might like. Also a fellow WW gal (with a few recipes on her latest entry)and her posts are FUNNY and talented and most of them make me LOL. Read some of her archives if/when you have some time. "Birth of a pudding pop" is brilliant.


Rebecca said...

Yay for Lorelai and her dedication. I will be rooting for you on the WW diet, I am proud of you for posting it too - more accountability can only be a good thing. Take notes, cuz after I have Christian, I might just have to join as well.

Anonymous said...

The dedication was so awesome.....tell Kelly thanks for shooting the video.....it brought back so many memories when Damon was dedicated. Thanks for sharing!!!!

Ask Damon if Lorelai eating cereal looked like Buckwheat when they put peanut butter on a piece of bread and he tried to eat it.

I love hearing about Lorelai and wish we lived closer.....but this is great to hear about her development.

Also, about WW......Applebee's Talipia is GREAT!!!!
Love you guys, Jo/Mom

Keppel said...

Yeah cereal!!! It's about time. They really like if if you mix in some fruit with it or if you are not down with that yet at least add some apple juice or white grape, what ever she is into.