May 24, 2007

anyone? anyone?

Anyone in the market for a
2006 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited?
We're selling ours....


Rebecca said...

I will ask around at work if anyone is looking for a new car. Nice work on the 8 lbs lost - you looked GREAT when I saw you at church on Sunday.

Ernie said...

I have a "dead" 93 Saturn that I will be willing to do an even trade :)

Anonymous said...

How many miles does it have on it and why are you selling it? Hmmm with some bigger tires and a lift kit...

Anonymous said...

This is Jessica P. It won't let me sign in:
Wow 8 lbs! Good job! I don't know how to post a comment if someone hasn't yet-so I have been waiting for a week to comment on your 100 things but no one ever left a comment, so I will comment on this blog about it :)
We actually have quite a few things in common:
9. I was a dancer for almost 20 years. (I have been dancing in some way for almost 20 years)
17. I don't like my food to touch on my plate.
18. I like to eat all of one thing before moving on to the next item on my plate.
24. When there is a song I like, I listen to it over and over and over again until I have the lyrics down pat.
25. My husband hates that, as he's usually in the car when I'm trying to memorize a song. (Alex too!)
26. I do it anyway.
28. I'm 29 and already get some grey hairs. (i'm only 24!)
29. I don't like eating leftovers.
(But I still take them home anyways.)
33. I just learned how to whistle a few years ago.( well sort of…LOL)
38. I like to dip my french fries in vanilla ice cream. (well a mcflurry)
41. I pranked called 911 when I was young to see what happened.
42. I got in trouble for it.
47. I have always wanted to work with children with disabilities, but to this day, haven't. (well except for my internship-but now I am an Interior Design major)
48. The toilet paper MUST come from the back of the roll. (I have to have it over the top)
49. I'll change it if it's "wrong."
50. Even if I'm at someone else's house!
72. I was not close with my mom at all. (still not)
73. Sometimes I am afraid that I won't be a good mom. (because of #72)
77. I moved out of my Dad's house when I was 17. (well my mom's)
79. I often do things I don't want to, because I don't like telling people "no."
98. There are some foods I insist I don't like, but I've never tried.
(sushi was one of them forever and now I love it)!

Just thought I would share these with you. Thanks for the idea-I posted it on myspace with my 100.

Anonymous said...

Ella would love it! She just figured out what a Jeep is this weekend, and now she points them out everywhere. She broke down in tears less than a week ago because I told her we wouldn't have the van forever and ever, and now she wants to trade it in on a Jeep immediately. Girls are such drama, you will learn soon enough! Anyway, her piggy bank is nearly full, give her a call! :-)

Anonymous said...

5 dollars

Renee said...

I couldn't figure out how to post a comment on your last post.. many interesting and funny things about you. You really are as awesome as I though before knowing about you owning your own home, working at a grown up job at 16, and eating dairy even though you are allergic.. I would do that too.. I'm about to go eat icecream with James.. our last tub of B&J's... well his last. I have a feeling I'll be heading out for some junk foods Sunday... Dairy Queen here I come!!!