May 12, 2007

Today is one of the most special days for me. It's my first Mother's Day as a mommy!!! All I've ever wanted to do in life, as far back as I can remember, is be a mother. And, the Lord answered my prayer! It took a long time to get here, but we did it. If Lorelai is the last baby I can have, I'll be forever grateful. If I can have more, I'll be ecstatic!

To all mothers out there (most of whom have been inspirations to me) Happy Mother's Day!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day to you! You & JD have given me one of my biggest wishes, too!

Dad (Grandpa)

Anonymous said...

hey girl... Happy Mother's day to you! This is your first, I noticed how excited you are and it is adorable! While it never gets old, I promise, it is still beautiful to hear a new mother's excitement. And that JC Penny's commercial is the sweetest! I saw it the other day, and got a little teary eyed myself. I just love this day, don't you! Enjoy your little Lorelai, each year is so different from the next. Always thinking of you and your's, Nike

Anonymous said...

Wait, did you give Rusty away to your Dad? Is that one of his biggest wishes?? Awesome.

Renee said...

Happy Belated Mothers Day!!!