May 11, 2007


I sit here and ponder some rhetorical questions while Lorelai is practicing her rolling over techniques...

Why does my child lick her hand like a cat licks its paws?

Why does every cooking show have their salt in a bowl so they can grab it and "sprinkle" it in the dish? We normal folk keep our salt in a shaker or grinder - not in a bowl.

Why do people assume because my phone voicemail says I'm a stay-at-home mom, that I'm a stay-by-the-phone mom and get upset when I miss their call?

Why can't I ever get my taxes in on time? This year, I successfully got them in by April 17th!! TWO DAYS!!? What is my problem!?

Why does JD have to work on his days off?

Why am I complaining, he could be overseas for 15 months?

Why did I not start Weight Watchers earlier?

Why did I ask JD to get me Taco Bell today (it's my "free" day)? It made me SICK!!

Why can't chocolate be good for you in large quantities?

Why do some people not believe in God?

Why do manufacturers make womens' jeans in numerical sizes, rather than inches of waist and length, like guys' clothes? (don't worry - I'm not suggesting they advertise the size on the rump, ladies!)

Why does Diet Pepsi taste oh so good!?

Why do you children play with the boxes of toys that you get them for presents, rather than the toys?

Why, when driving down the road, do you see one shoe on the shoulder? Not two - just one. Who loses one shoe?

What are some things you wonder about? Do you have any "whys" to add to my list??


Anonymous said...

Because she's part feline and you just don't know it.

Because it's TV and probably because they buy everything in bulk and don't have shakers and such.

If they too are stay-at-home-mom's or mom's at all they should know better.


He's dedicated and can't say no?


Because you thought you could do it on your own?

Taco Hell

Dark Chocolate is good for you. Nothing is good for you in large quantities, not even water!

that's a LOADED question and difficult for even myself to ponder. It's hard to argue evolution and facts and stuff sometimes. If you believe then that's all that matters honey!

Women are cut differently and have curves, most men's jeans are just straight and basic...

Diet anything is yucky, and Pepsi is just wrong. Coke baby, regulay Coke Classic.

One of those questions I will never understand. We all did it, I have photos. I guess it means we have good imaginations and are creative so we save the toys for later.

Those are the shoes that were left drying on the roof from the camping trip and the one they still have was more wet so it didn't fly off the car as easily?

I wonder about a lot of things. None of which I can think of at this moment.

Anonymous said...

You KILL me, Kami!!!!!

Jessica P. in St.Louis/Phoenix said...

I have lots of ponderisms...I will have to get back to you on those because of I can't think of any right now, but I am always calling my family leaving them confused too, quite fun actually. But just so you know you actually were right on time with taxed this year because the 15th fell on a Sunday. And the 16th was Emancipation Day in the District of Columbia. So the new date by default was the 17th! So yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!you did your taxes on time.

KDoug said...

Why are you too funny? That was a great list. And, I must say you are a deep thinker :) Deep...real deep.

HApPY MOTher's DAY!!!

Love ya,


Anonymous said...

I often have those moments where I ponder. I believe what you (and most other people in regards to ME having them) is called "Random Thoughts". Yes, they are quite random. I'll have to share some of mine. But I can't right now cuz they would be planned and I'm not like that, my thoughts are random. duh.