June 12, 2007

Come one, come all

We'll be having a multi-family garage sale this Saturday from 7am - 1pm.

Items you'll be dying to buy:
tons of baby stuff (boys and girls)
glider/rocking chair
clothes and shoes; mens and womens
kitchen and other household appliances (to include mini-refrigerators and microwaves)
dishes and other kitchen items
office supplies and furniture
and much much more!

If you know where we live, come on by! If you don't, comment or send me an email and if I trust you, I'll give you our address. :-)


Kallie and Mike said...

Ok, I'm definitly there...I think I'll need to leave Mike at home so I can get away with buying more stuff! (which I don't need...:)

The glider/rocker...do you know how old it is and how much it's selling for? I'm hoping that I might have a future need for that...


Rebecca said...

I will be there at 7am with Chels - in our pjs :)

Renee said...

Kendra tells me that she is bringing her stuff over there. well.... I was going to bring a coffee table set over to her house to sell... hehe.. can I bring it over there?

AliciaDawn said...

So how did the garage sale go?