June 7, 2007


All right, I need to update, but have a lot to talk about. So, I'm just going to break it down for ya... Then you only have to read what you wanna read.

Kelly's and Rob's Baby Shower
We had the baby shower for the Douglases and it was a lot of fun. They were able to see a lot of friends and got a lot of terrific gifts. I must say, though, that the gift-of-the-day goes to Kelly! As a "thank you gift" for co-hosting the party, Kelly got us a one-year membership to the San Antonio Zoo. I'm way excited about this! It will give Lorelai and I PLENTY to do during the weeks when JD is schooling it up. There are a ton of things for children and with a one-year membership, we won't feel the need to try to "get it all in" in one day! Thanks Kelly!

Jeep Jeep, Fun Fun (mocking a St. Louis liquor store slogan)
We sold the Wrangler...then wiped off JD's tears. We just came to realize that life isn't all about us anymore. We have the crumb snatcher (Lorelai) and we need to be sensible about money and vehicles.

so....we bought a mini-van
Yep, we traded in our Jeep Liberty for a pearl black 2007 Chrysler Town and Country. Now, before you laugh (I mean, now that you're laughing) have you SEEN the new mini-vans? Yes, I used to make fun of them and those who drove them (sorry to all of you) but now they are pretty darn stacked with some awesome stuff. This one has leather interior, stow 'n go seating and a dvd player among many other things. I'm TOTALLY still going to make fun of mini-van drivers; including myself. I'm putting a soccer ball sticker on the back window. I know, my child is only five months old, but what is a soccer-mom vehicle without a soccer ball sticker?
I'll have photos of that bad boy when we get it tomorrow. It's gonna be such a hot ride - don't knock it!

Lords of the Land
As you well know, we will be moving to San Antonio this summer. So, we decided to rent out our house. We hired a property management company and BOOM, we have a renter, folks! No negotiating (which we weren't really willing to do) and no hassle. Just like that, the new family will be moving in July 1st.

Yes, I said July 1st.
So, that brings me to this....our movers come in TWO WEEKS! WHAT!? That is just crazy talk, if you ask me! We are SO not ready for them. Thank the Lord the Army actually moves us; because if it was up to us ... well, y'all know we'd just leave all our crap here and buy new stuff in San Antonio! So yeah - two weeks! I can't believe that our nearly four year stint here at Fort Bragg is almost over. Well, for now, anyway. Sad thing is...we'll probably be back here at Bragg before most of our friends' husbands get back from Iraq or Afghanistan. Ugh! I don't envy any of you, but pray for you often!

Garage Sale
We are having a garage sale on June 16th, if anyone wants to buy our stuff! This is the only way JD and I will really get rid of the things we haven't used in the last three years. Why we keep them is beyond me. Hopefully, this will make our transition easier. After the garage sale, I'm scheduling for the Salvation Army to come and pick up what's left!! 7am - 1pm. Be there! If anything, it should be interesting to watch JD tell people something is $1 and me chasing them around trying to get them to spend $20 more!

Weight Loss
Finally, the weight loss journey. Well, I certainly didn't think I was going to be down nearly 11 pounds already! I am sooo happy with Weight Watchers right now! I don't feel deprived or hungry and I love what I'm eating. I don't feel or see the weight loss just yet, but I'm hoping to lose another 10 pounds before we go to St. Louis, so maybe by then I will feel differently! If anyone is considering WW, let me know. I'd be happy to share any info with you. I am, by no means, a professional, nor a "success story" yet, but I've learned a LOT on my five week journey.

All right - toodles, kids. I'm about to fall asleep at the keyboard.


Kallie and Mike said...

Wow! Rachel you've got a lot going on!!! Congrats on the mini-van...and yes I will make fun of you, but it's all in love!

Can't believe that you are basically moving the same time that we are. How did that happen?
Our packers come on the 18th...when's yours?

Looking forward to your yard sale, because even though I just got rid of all of my junk...I just might need yours!

love ya!

Anonymous said...

I love yard/garage sales, wish I could come and buy some of your stuff.

Wish I could have bought the Wrangler. Off roading in a grand Cherokee isn't the same. I can't believe you bought a mini van! Mark my word, NEVER will I buy a mini van. They might be cool and all now days, but I'll have an SUV over a mini van, I do not like them. Sorry. I will make fun of you too.

Happy moving. The first thing that popped into my red head when I read San Antoino was, "Gracy Lou Freebush". In the first Miss Congenality movie the pagent is held in San Antonio I believe. I think of crazy things like that.

Keep up the WW! Can't wait to see you ion the "Lou" again soon!

Anna Childress said...

What?! You've got renters and I didn't approve them yet? j/k If they're half as cool as you guys we'll be alright.

Rebecca said...

So you are probably not selling any baby stuff at the garage sell, huh? ;) Congrats on all the new changes, are you going to be leaving before July then? All my friends are leaving me this summer!!!!! :( Big Sad Face. We will miss you here, but I look forward to the visits this fall/winter! OH by the way, yes I agree about the mini-van situation in that they are pretty sweet inside. I have already realized I will end up having one too.

Joanne and Deric said...


AliciaDawn said...

WOW...I'll be right down for the yard sale! You had a lot on your mind didn't you? Do you feel better now that you got it all off your chest? So, JD has to find a home still right?

Anonymous said...

Hey Rachel~ My parents have the 2005 version of that mini-van and they LOVE it....esp. the stow-n-go seating. Oh, I have an awesome friend (fellow Army wife) in San Antonio -- Liz Culpepper. Let me know if you want her info.

Julie Z.

Thomas said...

Thanks for adding a hyperlink to the Salvation Army... I've been trying to find their webpage all day!

Anonymous said...

yeah, I know - I was getting a little out of hand with the links!!!

Anonymous said...

That's so funny, you have a mini van. I never ever thought I'd see Rachel in a mini van. Even WITH kids. How cute.