July 27, 2007

Short One

Today, we got up with Lorelai and made it to breakfast and the house by 9. I was diligently working on the house until JD called me at 10:30...he'd left his wallet in MY car and he was at Wal-Mart with all his items waiting to pay. Nice. So after that stop and a couple of breaks for lunch and dinner, I had worked on the house for 7 hours. Correction: I worked on the KITCHEN for 7 hours.

Seriously, those packers are not smart. The frustrating part was how they packed stuff. They wrap a lone pencil in 30 sheets of paper, but dump all our dry food into one box, so the rice and sugar is everywhere and the cheez-it box is unrecognizable.

The kitchen is still only half-way done, but after coming back to the hotel and eating dinner I just couldn't bare to do anymore. I'll post pictures tomorrow of all the craziness going on in the house.

But for now, here is one of my all-time favorite videos ... ENJOY!!!


KDoug said...

Oh, the joy of unpacking from a military move. Yipee!!!! Enjoy all the paper that you'll unwrap and throw away. It really is a waste. Hey - you should put a ad in the local paper and sell the moving boxes and paper to some civilian moving. That's some quality boxes.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you're safe and sound in San Antonio. We are looking forward to seeing you guys.
Love Katie K
PS. Started shots....ouch

Jessica P. said...

Thanks for sharing that You Tube video-Alex and I were laughing so hard :)