July 31, 2007

Should've Been Posted Yesterday....

...but I haven't had internet access...so here is my update while I'm sitting in a random neighborhood currently highjacking someone's wireless internet. And no, for that I am not sorry.

Holy Seven Months, Batman!

Today, Lorelai is seven months old. Are you serious? Where has the time gone? My little underfed newborn who was waking up every two hours to eat is now sleeping through the night, smiling all day long and eating like a champ.

This month has been a busy one. I was writing in Lorelai’s baby book today and my note on her travels looked like this:

1st Week of July – lived at Aunt Kelly and Uncle Rob’s house
2nd Week of July – lived at Granny and Papa’s house
3rd Week of July – lived at Grandpa’s house
4th Week of July – lived at a hotel in San Antonio
Moved into our house FINALLY on July 28th

After it was down on paper I realized how much we’ve been through in the last month. She has been such a trooper. On top of the moving cake, add the Hand Foot and Mouth icing. (speaking of that: we were told that adults couldn’t get it…well, leave it to me to prove them wrong. I am now living with the lovely blisters on my hands and feet and tongue)

So, we’re all moved into the house. Here is what it looks like.

Someone tell me how we ended up with over 11,000 pounds of belongings. Oh yeah, I know how….9,000 of it is packing paper. Nice.

This should show you how bright the packers were.

Seriously, that’s definitely the combination I think of when packing my belongings.

And this is the writing on the boxes….how ironic. Maybe we will … next time.

Aside from some things in the house that the rental management company will need to get fixed for us, we hope to have the house all unpacked and truly livable by this weekend.

Tonight, more of JD’s family is in town, so we get the pleasure of doing dinner with them downtown at the Market Square.

I cannot WAIT until I find the box where my computer is likely stashed with gravel from NC.

Oh, what did we ever do without the internet?


Anonymous said...

If it makes you feel any better Rachel - some of us have been going through the exact same thing with the moving boxes, packing paper, etc. I had at least 20 boxes that read "Dried Flowers" - one of which was full of books and had a leaf (yes, one) that had apparently fallen off some greenery. I would like to tell you that the packers get better, but they don't. I used to get frustrated, and now I find it comical. Hang in there. :)

Anna Childress said...

You crack me up! I can't believe our little Lai is 7 months! It seems only last month she was 6 months...oh, wait...

Michelle Herlihy said...

Hi Rachel!
I'm a friend of Kelly's, we actually met once way back in 2005...??? I found your site through hers while she was in labor and had to laugh at your Secret Stalker comments :) Sorry, I'm guilty. I'm in PA School (civilian side) and I just wanted to wish JD good luck and you all best wishes in Texas!

Keppel said...

Ok, so I tried calling you and got the message that you are not taking incoming calls?? I just found out that Marissa starts school on the 20th so that throws a wrench in our plans to visit before school starts. I will have to check her calendar to see if there is a time when we can both come down. I was really hoping it could have been in August though. Give me a call and let me know how to get in touch. Good luck with the unpacking!!

Anonymous said...

I just love reading your commentaries. Those boxes and your story could not be any funnier. Can't wait to find your computer with gravel from NC? That's classic! Loralei 7 months old? Did I hear that right? Man, this stinks. Even if I AM able to fly out in a month or two, she still won't be a baby anymore.

Anonymous said...

L O R E L A I !!!!!!!!!!!

Uma and Wil said...

Hi, Rachel:
We met at Rebecca's baby shower back in NC. We're in Germany now. I was doing some research for our travel and came across the information about the famous Nixe and the Rock that now bore her name, Lorelai. It made me think of you and your baby. Glad to hear that you and your lovely family made it to Texas alright, perhaps minus a few glassware. Hope you and Lorelai get over HFMD soon!