August 16, 2007

Shop 'Til You Drop

Okay, so I have a ton to blog about, but really....I just don't have energy for anything but this.

A friend of a friend (thanks Alyssa and Amour) told me about great coupons at Target for baby food that were to expire today. The food wasn't expiring today. Actually, the earliest any of it expires is September 08. The coupons were expiring today.

Long story short, I went four times in two days and got crazy!

I also got a couple other friends to join in the fun! Alicia and Kris should post blogs about their trips soon. Check them out!

So, I bought 392 items to include cereal, baby food, finger food and diced foods. 392 items, y'all. That's enough for, well, an army of babies and toddlers. Or Lorelai for two months. Seriously, have you seen my daughter? I'm not kidding.

Here's the stash...if it helps with a visual, the table is 8 feet long!
Now the question of the day - how much will my child eat between now and when she's eating real table food? Anyone? Anyone? No, seriously - if anyone can tell me when they stop eating baby food, I'd appreciate it. Then I know how much of this to donate, sell, etc.

Good night. you wanna know how much money I saved, huh? Well, I added up the loot and pre-coupons it came to a total of $392.13!!

I only paid...... $6.97

Nope, I'm not kidding. Here are the receipts to prove it.

$6.97 is....
~ less than JD spent on lunch today
~ less then three gallons of gas
~ less than a bag of eight pieces of frozen chicken
~ less than the tip we left at the Mexican restaurant on Friday
(and yes, Storm and Dad....I know that it's also less than a car, a house, etc. Smarty pants!)

Honestly, it's about time a parent gets something for free. I only wish I could have gotten every parent I know in on this earlier.

However, I'm willing to sell baby food at a bargain price if anyone is interested!

Now....where to store all the goods so we can get back to eating at our dining room table.

Who am I kidding!? We don't eat at the dining room table.


AliciaDawn said...

You will let me know about the next time too right? I can't wait till next time!

Jesstern said...

OH MY GOSH! What the heck kind of coupons were these?? That's crazy! Is it still going on?

I would think that there is potential to use it all. The cereal and jarred baby food will go faster than you think. My kids ate cereal everyday for breakfast (mixed with fruit or yogurt or something) well past their first birthday. Or until they wouldn't eat it anymore. You just make the consistency a little thicker as they get older. I don't know how often you eat at restaurants, but generally kid's meals are not very healthy, so I usually brought fruit and veggie sides (baby food or Graduates) even until my kids were 2 at times, so that at least they would have 1 or 2 servings of something good for them when we were out. [That's easier done when you have 2 kids and they can split one kid's meal, and then have additional "applesauce" or the like that I bring myself.]

Puffs are great and can also be used up pretty quickly for when you are at a restaurant waiting for food, when you're at church talking to someone and your kid is screaming in hunger, for road trips and on airplanes, in the car during a fit, at the mall when you need another 5 minutes, during a squirmy diaper-change when they really need to stay still, etc. So I always keep those in the diaper bag, and even my 4-year old still likes and asks for them.

Restaurant tip: if your child won't eat cold baby food and the restaurant legally can't let you use the microwave for fear of lawsuit if the food is too hot and burns your kid, just ask for a cup of hot water and submerge jar of baby food in it for a few minutes. It actually warms very quickly and is better for baby, waiter, and other patrons who don't want to hear a screaming child or be bystanders of the "who flung this cold sweet potato mash on me" scenario.

Joanne and Deric said...

You crack me up!!!! only you would take photo's of all this.....
You are so funny!
Bon Appetite Lorelai

Rebecca said...

That is definitely "coupon-ing" at work, GREAT JOB Rach. I didn't get your email until later on in the day on Wed so it was a no-go for me, but keep me updated - you are my new coupon-ing hero!!!

Renee said...

Now I wish I had gone to that seminar with you. Now that I have the clothes I might as well start stocking up on the food too. Well, that might be a little weird considering James isn't even in the same Country.. or would it/ No I'm not pregnant. It would probably expire by the time this future baby would be old enough to eat it. I'll wait.. maybe you'll be back and I can buy your leftovers.

Joey said...