September 16, 2007

Under Construction

Looks like my page is having some problems. You'll see a different side of me until I can get it all back. I might go with something a little bit funkier while I'm at it! :-)

For now, here is one of the 100 photos we took trying to get our perfect family photo. Apparently, JD was trying to figure out the timer. It works, JD.....nice face!


Anonymous said...


- kel

becs said...

Now I am posting on your blog again... I wish I had my friend's ISR video to share with you. They recorded at least once each week to map her progress and put it in a short video. It was INCREDIBLE. Not to mention to see her do it in the flesh. Who has a pool party for their 2nd birthday and is able to SWIM alone for it. I felt like I had the "slow" child because she couldn't swim. Ha ha.

Also, an aside, my blog is private now, but I used some email address I had that is apparently yours to allow you to read it (if you so choose, yours is way more interesting than mine). I think it came from Kelly's shower or something. I don't know, but I was going through names to add and there you were! If it even is correct for you.

And PEYTON'S FUTURE CAR is AWESOME! You hit the nail on the head, I think :)

Anonymous said...

Have you bedazzled any baby clothes yet? haha!

Lee Ann