October 23, 2007

I blinked and another week went by!

So, here we are - another week later. I have been thinking about what to blog. Quite frankly, there is nothing very exciting going on over here. I'd love to post pictures and videos, but...well, y'all know the drill.

Dad is doing well....ready for another surgery. :-)

Lorelai is trying to find the strength in her legs to carry the weight rather than crawling all the time. She's loving pulling up to a standing position, but pretty lost when it comes to the follow-up. I don't know what we're going to do when there isn't anyone there to cheer her on (besides me, of course). She stands up and then looks around for applause. Is she a ham in the making?

Dude and Carissa came in town this past weekend, so Lorelai had some new faces to entertain. We also made a short trip to the pumpkin patch and saw Granny and Lala's cousins, Mac and Lex. I'm going to try to upload some photos today.

Swim lessons are almost wrapping up. Lala's instructor dropped her in the pool by her ankle yesterday, causing her to sink a couple feet under water. Boy, that girl is bouyant, though....within seconds, she was on top of the water. She'll be in the pool fully clothed this week. I'll DEFINITELY get all of this on video to show later. You'll be amazed.

Alrighty...well, if you haven't already checked out Alyssa's blog, you should. She is the friend with the newest blog. She and her husband, Andy, just had a 10 pound baby. That's right. Ten pounds. And check out The Krynicki's page too. Something is in the water, with all these babies around. If you get another free second, JD updated his page as well....check out the picture of Lorelai. It's freaky, really.


Keppel said...

I love it..Dude is in a sweatshirt and skull cap, Carissa is also in a sweatshirt and little miss is in a sun dress and hat. What is wrong with this picture??

Anonymous said...

Keppel - that is EXACTLY what I was going to say. Too funny! I think it's really quit amusing.

Can't wait to see the videos.

Love ya,


bauer zoo said...

rachel, i am sitting here with tears in my eyes. how lucky all of you are. i miss having little babies, and being pregnant. nothing better. (also, i wonder if lorelai is taller than zack. he's 2) she is absolutely beautiful!

Jesstern said...

Hey, there's nothing wrong with big babies. :) My first was 8lb 10oz, and my second 9lb.

My mom's kids were 9 lb, 10 lb, and 11 lb 1 oz. in order of birth. We all turned out healthy and slim. I'm just hoping if I have any more that they don't keep going up in weight like my mom's. :)

Which pumpkin patch did you go to? We just took our girls to Thies Farm. Good times! I'll probably put up some pics soon.

Jesstern said...

P.S. I can't wait to see the swimming videos! We might try to do that in the spring.

Anna Childress said...

Cute little pumpkin head!