October 14, 2007

How does this happen!?

So, I can't believe it's been over a week since I posted. I'm sure none of you even missed me. That's okay. I'll pretend you did.

Dad is out of the hospital. He got out last Monday. You remember the surgery that was going to need a "six week recovery?" Well, not for my Dad. He's already driving. Yep, that's right. Driving. That's a tad scary. But, then again, he's a police officer. You know he won't be getting pulled over. He's off the pain meds - has been for days. Tomorrow he goes to get his staples out. I laughed when he told me he would be back at work in two weeks, but now I don't think it's so funny. I believe him. He is Super Man. He's pretty darn young, so he's bouncing back really well. Thanks again for all the prayers!

I forgot how much I can't STAND St. Louis weather. One day it's almost 90 degrees and we're wearing shorts, tank tops and have the air running. The very next day, we've switched to heat and skull caps because it's 40 degrees when we're leaving for swim lessons. Ugh! So, needless to say, Lorelai and I both have colds.

As you can see, I've temporarily taken down my weight loss tracker. It was bugging me that it was sitting at 22 pounds for the last month. I need to get myself back on track! It took me nearly 20 weeks to lose 22 pounds and it only took two weeks to gain back nearly half of that. Yep, you read that right. I have already gained back ten pounds!!! I wish I could say that maybe the scale isn't right, but I brought my scale from home, y'all!!! What kills me is - Weight Watchers isn't hard!! It's easy, and the food is great.

I just have no will power.

I thought I did.

I was wrong.

I have will power when I'm at home. Because, at home, I have no junk food. Not ONE morsel. Unless JD is hiding a snickers somewhere. I didn't realize it, but will power really doesn't come into play. At Dad's house, there are Oreos (well, not anymore), chips, bread, etc.

How can I say no to an oreo when it's sweet creamy center is screaming my name? How!?

I really need to get into gear. I put together the jogging stroller and plan on fitting that back into my schedule this week. I feel better when I eat healthy. I feel better when I work out. I feel better when I am ten pounds lighter.

I'm weak.

On another note, tomorrow starts week three of Lorelai's swim lessons.

JD sent me some of the equipment I need to upload the videos I've been taking, so hopefully y'all will get to see the little one (and I use that term lightly) in action in the pool. It's amazing.

A. maze. ing.


KDoug said...

1. Tell your Dad hello and we're happy that he's doing so well. He might as well get his next surgery while he's still out on his first.

2. Don't stress yourself out about the weight. You've dropped the pounds before and you'll do it again. Stress is probably the number one reason people gain weight. You were under a lot of stress. Remember - WW also says not to feel guilty just to get back on the wagon.

3. Sorry you both are sick. Yuck! I know that must really suck seeing your little one ill. Bummer.

4. We're back in F'ville now so I promise not to be so out of touch. We were away for a very long time (at least it seemed that way.) Now we're back and I've done all of our laundry so it shouldn't take too much longer to get back into the swing of things.

My poor child slept in until 10:30 a.m. this morning, took a 3 hour nap and then went back down to bed around 8:30ish. She is exhausted. We'll see how tonight goes. She wasn't too great last night. I think it was the long road trip and then settling back in to being at home.

I hope you enjoyed this novel.

Michelle said...

So good to see you're back! You were missed :) Very happy to hear that your dad is making a speedy recovery. That's fantastic! Try and focus on that, stay positive! Like Kelly said, don't beat yourself up about the weight, it will come back off! Your stress levels are dropping, your Dad is doing great, and you will soon find more time (and will power) to work out and stay on track.
We're all routin' for you!!!

stormhuse said...

Thanks for the update... we need to get together again soon before you leave out of here... (here being the midwest, ie God's country...)

Becs said...

You are clearly strong because at home you don't buy the junk food :) Few people could say no if it was sitting in front of their face. Besides you are not in your routine/at your house, so you are destined to slip. Just try for small changes to get back going with it.
Glad to see you back online. I missed reading Lorelai posts and want to see the ISR videos! Also good to hear your dad is doing much better :)

Jessie said...

Everyone said what I already wanted to say but I figure I'll just add my 2 cents anyway.So happy your Dad is doing well...that's the best news! I love reading your blogs...they make me smile...and usually tend to put things into perspective! I know the weight thing is sensitive but try not to beat yourself up about it...You are a strong woman and will be back on track in no time. Weight is just a number on a stupid scale (who made those things anyway???!!!) and it doesn't change the great person that you are!! Take Care!

Joanne and Deric said...

Cant wait for the videos! I am dying to see how your lessons work, since you dont get in the pool. then you have to show me what you did to download the video's. I have no idea!
Glad your back - I hate not hearing about the Huse next and newest adventure!