October 1, 2007

Swim Lessons

So, today we had our first swim lessons with Chuck. We drove 45 minutes one way to have a 10 minute class. It was worth it. I was able to see an 11-month old and a three-year old .... swimming. Both of them. It was truly amazing to watch. I believe they were both in their 2nd and 3rd weeks of the program. It's shocking to think that Lorelai will possibly be swimming, but definitely floating by the time we get back to Texas. She's only 9 months old, y'all. That just blows my mind!

Today Chuck took Lorelai in the water and basically started getting her used to being on her back to float. I didn't get a video because I was too excited and overwhelmed. I'm definitely going to videotape every lesson from here on out, if Chuck will let me. I just want to be able to show her, when she's trying out for the Olympics, how far she has come. Once we're done with all the classes, I'll hopefully have a combined short video for you to watch with her progress.

She didn't cry at all today. She was just splashy splashy as usual. Now tomorrow might be a whole 'nother story.

The weather here is GAWGEOUS!!! It's about 75 degrees today. So, we're going to get out and try to enjoy it.


stormhuse said...

Dude, seriously? No shoutouts to me? I even drove to see you!

Kallie and Mike said...

Yay for Lorelai!!!! I'm very impressed!

Hey Rachel, I wanted you to know that I'll be praying for your Dad tomorrow! I think about ya'll a lot and maybe one of these days I'll actually call you:)

Love ya!

Megan (FriedOkra) said...

Lorelai is one of my FAVORITE names for a girl! I beg all my friends who get pregnant to consider it, but none have, so far. I'm so happy there's a baby Lorelai out there somewhere. And that is so cool about the swimming! It's good to get it done so early - I did swim lessons with Bean this summer and she is already old enough to be very fearful, which made it harder to get her to try things. Thanks for delurking... I welcome your comments but understand if you're happier just reading and being quiet. :)

Anonymous said...

Now Rachel, what is all this about Olympics - there is Kailey too..... maybe they can both swim for the USA. Glad Lorlai is enjoying the lesson such a relief for you. I videoed the lesson for Deric and he loved it. Such a super record of growth. Margaret R. (Jo's mom)

Brenda said...

I just saw a video online of babies who had been taught to kick over and float on their back and later swim. It was AMAZING!!

I can't believe a 9 month old could learn this either. I showed my chicken 8 year old to see if she felt inspired. Yeah.