October 6, 2007

Updatio Numero Dos

Updatio? Seriously - what is that?

So, I didn't update yesterday because...well, day #2 pretty much sucked for Dad. Just like the docs said it would. He didn't get to sleep at ALL, considering the ICU nurses barge in on him every hour or so. He was able to get most of the tubes and needles out of him, though. That was a great step.

This morning, when I came in, it was a whole 'nother story. Yes, I said "nother." He was able to clean up last night; shave, comb the hair, etc. He looked 100% better. As soon as I arrived, they decided to move him out of ICU. That's a fantastic feeling! So, he's now in a nice, quiet, private room with a view. This evening he got out of bed to hang out in the chair and even walked down to the nurse's station. Leave it to my Dad. I'm sure he flipped open his robe as he turned around. He says it's pretty tough being so darn good looking.

So, thanks again for all the prayers, support and visits.

Now, someone needs to do something about my eating. Seriously. Today was going to be the day I got back on plan. I guess we'll be pushing that back off until tomorrow. If this continues for much longer, I'm going to be back where I started! AHHHH!!!! I didn't realize how stress was going to affect me. I guess I know now. Oh well - as long as I'm there for Dad, he could care less what I weigh. That's a good thing.


Lorleai finished her first week of swimming lessons. I wish I could upload the videos so y'all could see how much she's progressing. It's amazing! Day one she was put on her back in the water for the first time ever. Day five, she's being put on her belly in the water and already learning how to get herself rolled over to get air. It's crazy! I'm soooo glad we're doing this.

Y'all have a great night.

Don't forget to pray. For me.

I don't mean to be greedy...but I need all the eating help I can get!




Anonymous said...

Rachel -- I'm so glad your dad's doing dandily. I had to chuckle (just a little) because I used to be the one bothering people every hour -- #1 complaint in all ICU's is lack of sleep. Sounds like he has an awesome room now, though. Also, I read your previous post..I almost vomited....you know how paranoid I am anyway. I know if I had a blog I'd make it private but if you make yours private you have to make me a "friend" :0) Julie Z.

Rebecca said...

Glad to hear your dad is doing better and I am sure he is so appreciative of your help and also having his grandbaby there. Hey, don't fret about the eating, it's not going to all come back in a week silly girl. You are allowed a break so go easy on yourself! Miss you!

Tina said...

You are so crazy. I love reading your blog. It is such a blessing that your dad is doing great. :-) Miss u, Tina