December 16, 2007

And now we bring you back to our regularly scheduled program

I haven't been sick in a year so I figure when the sickness hit me on Thursday I was just getting a year's worth of crud in a 48 hour period. I was running a "low-grade" fever. But I swear, y'all, you could have fried an egg on my forehead. I run an everyday temp of about 96.7, so seeing the 102 made me flip out a little.

But, thank GOD JD was here to take care of Lorelai. I surely could have made it through, but it wouldn't have been pretty.

Three days pass and I think the crud is, for the most part, gone.

As y'all know, JD was delayed for P.A. School about four months ago, so he's been talking about the group that got delayed since then. However, every time there is a get together, I'm either out of town or already have plans. I know, I know...I'm so busy and important.

*cough * choke*

Tonight we had a little casual Christmas party with that crew. What a terrific group of people! And the kids. Oh the kids. They were so well-behaved and sweet. Granted four of them were under the age of one, but the other five, ranging from three to 13, were so awesome too! Anyway, I snapped a few of the smallest of the bunch. One is almost a year old, one is four months old and the other two are six months old. I bet you can't guess which one is which. Minus our bebe, of course. It's so awesome how God makes us all so different! (going to need to be my mantra as our rather super-sized angel continues to grow)Speaking of our bebe, I'm sure you're just DYING to see more photos. It's a shame I don't have my camera around more often.

How could you EVER be mad at this face.And when she performs on command. Simply. Precious. Here she is showing "TOUCHDOWN!"'ll never believe it, ladies and gents, this actually happened.
Yep, that is Lorelai, sitting in my lap, watching a Disney Christmas movie. I think there are two points that need to be made here. First off, you almost NEVER see a picture of just the two of us together. I think the last one I have with just the two of us goes back about seven months. Secondly, since Lorelai has started becoming more mobile, I can't get her to sit still for 30 seconds, let alone 20 minutes like she did tonight. A dream come true.

She then discovered the flash was for her, so this is her new favorite face to make.
And here's one of Daddy just moments later. Could we be anymore blessed?Last, but not least, this picture.
Yes, my poor child has my funky-shaped toes. I feel so badly for her. Bboth of us are relaxed. It's sad, I know.


Uma and Wil said...


Uma and Wil said...

P.S. I'm glad you are feeling better. However low grade the fever is, I know having it for days can really wreck your body. Glad JD was home to take care of the both of you.

Rebecca said...

I am sorry you were sick. Glad to see you are doing better. How cute is Lorelai! Such pretty eyes! In response to the comment on my blog, you're emotional cuz you're PREGNANT?!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the foot photo. That is hilarious. It's really odd how our children get the random things we have. Peyton has the dimple on her right cheek that her father has. Only her right cheek. It's so weird.

I love all the photos. Keep them coming. It was so cute seeing her snuggled up to you :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the photos.....I know I am blessed cause I get to see you guys often, but not enough!!!! I can't wait till next week. L has really changed!!!! So precious!!!!!

Joanne and Deric said...

Great to see you both!!! You look amazing by the way - cant wait to see you .... well in a few weeks now! When is the big 1st birthday??? I forgot the date!

stormhuse said...

Super-sized angel, I love it! Glad to hear that you are feeling better... all three of you look so good!

Looking forward to seeing you guys in less than a week... looking forward to seeing my little sister.

Love you guys!

Jesstern said...

The toes are hilarious. How funny! Such cute photos though. My kids were always big for their age too...they'll just be tall!


The Fortenberrys said...

Those are the best pictures of you with her. What a beautiful family!!

The Fortenberrys said...

Oh, I am definitely glad you are feeling better. I have my playmate back!!

♥ Em said...

Those are so precious! I love her face after the flash! Oh so adorable.. and look at her little feet.. awwwwwww!

Melissa Hurlbut said...

CUTE pictures... what a sweetheart!
Weird; I have the same funky toes and my youngest has inherited it as well!! I guess its not so weird then?

Sarah G. said...

Glad you're feeling better!

Those pictures are the cutest!! I really like the face she makes because of the flash!

Cara said...

that picture of lorelai and you is so sweet!

Joey Nahigian said...

Oh my gosh!! The foot pics are an absolute RIOT!! She is such a doll, Rachel. I wanna come visit you!!! =)

By the way - your AMAZING Christmas card was the TALK of my entire family!!! I LOVE your originality. You a HIP momma! =)