December 18, 2007

Nobody Doesn't Like Free Stuff

I always hated the "Nobody doesn't like Sara Lee" slogan. It always got me all cornfused.

But these deals won't!!

First of all, I know everyone is probably already done with all the Christmas shopping and wrapping, right? But, did you remember BATTERIES? Right now, CVS has Energizer Max batteries on sale for $5.29. Every one of those packets has a $1.00 off coupon on the front. That brings the price down to $4.29 each. Click HERE to print out a $5.00 off coupon for Energizer Max battery packages. Now, technically, that means you would make 71 cents. However, they won't just give you the money, so grab a candy bar or a pack of gum.

Hurry up, though. The coupon is good until December 23rd. You have to have a CVS care card to use the coupon. If you don't have one, sign up for it online and then tell the cashier your phone number.

Who can't use free batteries?

And, while we're talking about FREE, who can't use free MOVIES!!!??? Yeah, I'm a fan of that!

Have y'all heard of Redbox? Well, it's usually a box that is red (go figure) that sits outside of a McDonald's, for instance.

It looks like this.I've discovered a website that has codes for free one-day rentals with Redbox. You enter the promo code, give your credit or debit card and they charge you nothing. You have to run your card just like everybody else seeing as how you could just walk away with that copy of Hairspray forever. These codes change often, so before you go to get a movie, quickly click on this website to get the latest code. I've done this twice now and am on my way back today to get another one!!!

Today's free code is "JINGLE" or "NEWBIE." Newbie worked for me last night.

Merry Christmas, from me to you.


♥ Em said...

Oh cool, we love free movies!!!

Jo said...

I work at Sara Lee and have a hard time remembering the slogan. Is it "Nobody doesn't like..." or "Nobody does it like..."? Thanks for the free stuff. I'm definitely going to try the Redbox code. I need a movie to get me through the huge mound of presents I still need to wrap.

Kami said...

It's "Nobody Does It Like Sara Lee"...As in she bakes the best stuff, no body does it like she does. :o) it's ok. thanks for the free stuff announcement!

stormhuse said...

Ugh, I'm still trying to eat my $400 worth of baby food that I got for $.75 and a coupon for buy one get one free charcoal.

Anonymous said...

ACTUALLY, it is "Nobody Doesn't Like Sara Lee."

As a matter of fact, the slogan years ago was "Everybody doesn't like something...but nobody doesn't like Sara Lee."

Brenda said...

I always thought they were saying, "Nobody does it like Sara Lee" and by that, I assumed, they meant baking.
Which also didn't make me want to buy their products too much.

Hey I'm leaving the info for the book on the post you were reading on my blog. It doesn't make much sense to leave it here!

Brenda said...

I agree with anonymous...I saw the slogan in print a few years ago and was surprised b/c I had been hearing it wrong all those years.

Sarah G. said...

Redbox is great! I've used the code "breakroom" several times. I know in Indiana our Marsh grocery stores have them as that makes it even more convenient. And...I like that you can return it to any Redbox, not just the one you got it from!