December 19, 2007

More Free Stuff

10 packs of batteries (sale price $5.29 ea) = 52.90
10 $1.00 off coupons (on the battery pk) = -10.00
10 $5.00 off coupons (I shared yesterday) = -50.00
TOTAL = CVS owes me $7.10
I throw in some candy, drinks, etc, and end up with batteries for around $1.00 TOTAL out of pocket.

This makes me happy.

Here's another freebie that makes me happy. I just ordered one and am in the process of ordering for my other two email addresses:

This Philips power inverter is compatible with standard vehicle lighter sockets…plug in your favorite electronics, and save the batteries for later!

Philips Power Inverter

Click here to add the $10 Power Inverter to your cart, select Google checkout (to receive the $10 discount), and then select free shipping. You can use the $10 Google checkout discount one time for each email account you have. If your total isn’t $0, don’t checkout because you’ve missed a step (unless you live in the sales tax states of California, Massachusetts, or Tennessee).



Sarah G. said...

Where do you find this stuff?? I just did it too! I'm dumb, and have no idea what you'd use it for...but I'll take anything for free! You ROCK!!

Susi said...

no APO shipping :(


Aw, MAN, Susi....didn't realize that. I'll try to catch some more deals that can also help y'all out over there!