January 16, 2008

Photo Update

Well, we're here in NC and having a great time. Kelly updated, so I figured I should too!

We're missing Daddy bunches, but we talk about him often. He was afraid Lorelai would learn how to walk while we were here, but I truly think she's regressing. When I try to make her walk while holding my hands, she kicks her legs out in front of her so I'll drop her on her butt for her to crawl. Oh well. Must run in the family (SARA!)

Lorelai is having a blast with Peyton. Lala was 6 months old and Peyton was a DAY old when they met for the first time. Six months later, here we are and things are so different. Peyton is pretty much amazed at how much Lorelai talks (won't shut up) and Lala is enthralled with the fact that Peyton is sitting up on her own and about ready to crawl. It's been fun.

As for pictures, I have a few. That's it. Seriously. We had a get-together on Saturday with about 30 people and I snapped two pictures. No joke. TWO! I need to hire a photographer to follow me around. It's just so hard to keep up with the photos when you're chasing around a crumb snatcher! (friends with more children than one, please quit laughing at me)

Here are some photos and I promise to get it together. We had dinner tonight with a few great friends (Rebecca and Katie) and my battery was dead in the camera. It must have died from lack of use.
We had a play date with Kailey. You've heard me talk about her and her parents from time to time on my blog. Click here to read about all their fun adventures. Kailey is about three weeks younger than Lorelai. They definitely enjoy taking toys away from one another!!

What are you pointing at, ladies?

Mama and baby (not so baby anymore)

February 2007

January 2008


stormhuse said...

Great pics of all the kids, Rachel! Glad you're enjoying your time back at Bragg. Tell everyone I said hello...

Jen said...

Glad to hear that you and Lala are catching up on all the gossip in NC! Hey what kind of shoes is L wearing in those photos....they are cute!

j.d. said...

Thanks so much for the pics, babe...can't believe how big the girls (collectively) are getting!

I also can't believe that you taught our daughter to say "booyah"

love you

Rebecca said...

love the photos - I can tell that Lala and Peyton are going to be instant friends, how adorable.

bauer zoo said...

jeff gives me all kinds of trouble about not taking pics more often. he just now noticed the christmas pic on our fridge. loved it by the way!

Anna Childress said...

So when are you coming to your neighborhood?

Jesstern said...

Cute before/after shots! Great memories!

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Love the pictures! And the name Lorelai is darling!