January 18, 2008

Mi Germs Es Su Germs

I was so tempted to create a flowchart, but seriously, is it that important?

Basically, everywhere we turn, there are germs. Even with my best attempts to Clorox Anywhere everything ahead of or behind me, we've all ended up with some illness.

Rewind to two weeks ago. Remember this story? Well, after researching and talking to several doctors, we've come to the conclusion that Lorelai was probably suffering from rotavirus. If you don't feel the need to read the whole overview, let me at least share this one golden nugget with you. It's spread by poop particles. There is no nice way to say this, people. Somehow, some kid, somewhere had rotavirus and his infected poop particles ended up coming in contact with Lorelai's hands....and then to her mouth. It pretty much makes me want to vomit.

No longer am I going to be lazy about forgetting her cart cover for the store. I'm going to wrap my baby in cellophane before we go out. And spray her down with Lysol. Twice.

I know that children get sick, but I feel like it's my fault. That I didn't protect her from this. This wonderful virus spread to me (I promise I wash my hands!!!) and I believe I then passed it on to JD and Alyssa....and who KNOWS who they've infected.

The incubation period is what gets me. You can be contagious up to five days before you even show symptoms. Yet, sometimes you don't really show the tell-tale signs until the second or third day you have the illness. Then you can have the illness for up to two weeks.

What I gather from this information is...if you even read my blog, you could be at risk.

I'm just saying.

We were all feeling better when we boarded the plane to North Carolina. Since we've been here, our friends and their children have suffered from:

~ ear infections
~ rotavirus (I SWEAR this wasn't from us)
~ pink eye
~ flu
~ bronchiolitis

This is just in one week, folks. Kelly was sick on Monday with the flu....now Lorelai has it. After her fever hit 105 today, and we made a much-needed trip to urgent care, she is on tamiflu and feeling a little better. I've never seen her so lethargic. It was sad.

But, apparently, that's just not enough sick for one week. I have some nasty cough and chest congestion that Roger has been chasing after me with since I've been here.

It's a vicious cycle.

Who's next? Anyone, anyone?

Because mi germs es su germs.


**Caution: Having any of the aforementioned illnesses
could result in random incorrect Spanish-speaking episodes.**


The Fortenberrys said...


I think all this cold stuff is exactly why I'm going to be "that" mom and be okay with it.

Tell Kelly I took her suggestion last night. We'll see if it works.

My sister had her baby.

We made a trip to the ER today for me.

Okay...that catches us up. :>

stormhuse said...

Dios mio! Ayayayayayayayaya!!!!

♥ Em said...

So sorry sweetie!

I hope everyone gets better soon!

I haven't gotten sick... yet!!!

Uma and Wil said...

I think they leave this germy part out of the baby manual on purpose. Hope everybody feels better soon. Wiping my nose as I type...

Rebecca said...

YOu are such a good mommy to be so concerned - and you know Lala getting sick has nothing to do with a lack of mommy-clean skills. I love the spray bottle of cleaner you carry with you - you're so smart! :)

Brenda said...

OK, I'm going to go spray my keyboard and mouse now....

Anna Childress said...

Oh no!! So THAT'S why you've been hiding away. Don't blame you. I'm sorry your trip has turned into a pit of sickness. Praying you're all better soon!

Lori said...

I am sorry you all have been sick - that just sucks!
Don't be so hard on yourself - our little darlings are going to get sick sooner or later and regardless of where the germs originally came from there are probably a million & one places to pick them up from later.

LOL @ thought of you trying to wrap her in cellophane :) Sorry but my bets going on Lorelai

Hope you are all feeling better

Anonymous said...

There's no proof for bacteria and viruses; I believe that every illness is caused by Intelligent Sickness that is visited upon us by Providence seeking to punish the evildoers.

Scott said...


That does it!!

I'm not touching people's poop ANYMORE!